letting go of reactive patterns


To walk out of the Karmic Storms Your subconscious decides how much your environment influences you We posture with reality. At least until we come to terms with it. In other words, our karma has us posturing with reality based on our subconscious programming. Based on our unresolved karmic stigmas. There is a curious thing that happens. Perhaps not in every situation. But certainly for myself. We get cracked open, by some major event in our lives. And that starts an unraveling of sorts. You might call it an inward dive into our own psyche. For myself, once I got cracked open, I started a whole new journey in my life. And thus a whole new outcome for my life. We have all felt a collective experience. Say, for example, 9/11. The whole world witnessed that event. Do you remember how you felt that day? Do you remember how the…