Are You stuck at the Stop sign?

When will you be ready to go … again?

Have you ever had your life turned on its head? Where your life was turned upside down by some unexpected event? Perhaps you had someone close to you die unexpectedly. Or a tornado or such destroyed your home. But then, there is a type of trauma that can set in, when we have a very difficult circumstance to endure.

My father comes to mind. To fight in a war had scarred him very deeply. And my cousin comes to mind as well. He was falsely accused of a crime, and spent over a year in a foreign jail as a foreigner. Only to be released and cleared of all charges. I know these examples cover a broad range of circumstances, but they all can metaphorically paralyze us to some degree. Where we have stopped living a life that we once knew.

Have you ever lost a relationship with someone, and then in hindsight, have many fond and happy memories of it? Or perhaps you worked in a fun and exciting job years ago, and now you long for that same experience again? Where you might think, that if you could tap your heels together, and magically go back, that the very same feelings would await you?

Life changes.

There is a trait, or attribute, of our human psyche that can have us stuck, even though there is nothing holding us there. It is like we stopped at a stop sign, and haven’t noticed that the traffic has cleared, and we can proceed at will. It is not uncommon for people to get “settled in” to a familiar pattern. To, as an adult, think that we have seen it all and we are where we want to be. That might be spot on. But, there is also a bigger part of us.

As a Soul incarnate, we are a vast, multidimensional consciousness having a human experience. Life changes, and it might serve us better than we may know to change with it. Not to say that change is a must. You must know me by now, that I never want to tell you that you must do this or you must do that. You have free agency to do as you choose.

But, what I am suggesting is, as a Soul, there is always more to discover about yourself. There is always more for you to grow. To evolve your consciousness. It is a natural tendency for us to get settled in to patterns that create a sense of “normal” in our lives. But “normal,” meaning more of the same, is like a metaphorical stop sign. “Normal” is never part of change.

So, what would bring a sense of growth to you? What activities would have you evolve your sense of self? There are many ways you can search your Soul for new directions and thus new outcomes. You can imagine a small child, with no strong imprints or patterning in their psyche, playing and exploring with their vast curiosity. You might give yourself new ideas. Perhaps go browse through a magazine section at your local bookstore. See what stirs your imagination. Maybe it is travel, woodworking or photography. Or perhaps join online social gathering platforms. Where you can choose groups, based on a theme of interest. Go line dancing at a country bar. Or even make a diorama on your plate out of your mashed potatoes and peas.

You can go now.

You are never stuck. You can always have new inspirations and ideas. Life is what you make of it. Have some Fun with it.

Love You!


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