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What Do You Desire?

What Do You Desire? Desire is an inside journey What is it that you desire? What would you change about your life? What would it feel like to have your desires fulfilled? There is a curious concept. The notion that God Divine doesn’t have any plan for

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Find Your Ease

That place of ease has information for you Karma has layers to it. Karma has a multitude of elements that make up your overall vibe. For most of us, we never come “all the way out” of our thoughts and feelings. The thing is, as long as

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Peace Love Joy

What’s in your¬†heart? We have gone to the very edge of darkness. And now we are on the journey back home. The return to Love. What will we feel when we re-discover this Love? To the ego it feels like joy and ecstatic delight. Tears flowing down

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2016 Happy New Year

Fulfilling the vision of our Heart and Soul Truth is. It always has been. Long before language or religion, the truth existed by its very nature. The truth is beyond language. It is beyond what our minds and egos can comprehend. It is impossible to language the

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Rounding the Bend

Leaving fear behind you Peace can be found in every aspect of life. There is a place of knowing that affords a sense of peace within your own sense of self, regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey. For many of us, we were born

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The Actor and the Act

Who is this “You” that is reading this? Nice to meet you. Who is it that I am talking to? Who are you? Who are you over a span of time? What if you were to imagine yourself(s) gathered at a table. Can you picture 4 or

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