Every day is Election day

You vote with your attention

Today, you are “voting” on your tomorrow. The mechanics of creation are “on” all the time. Election day is every day. We have perfectly crafted our lives, up to this minute, this now, from all of our attention from our past, by what we have elected to put our attention on, day after day.

The momentum effect, the momentum of our karma, is largely a product of our subconscious. It is really a very graceful thing. It is a mechanism that says … if you haven’t learned the karmic lesson, all of the energy of your refusal to witness, and accept … what is, all of that energy will be pushed into your subconscious. This energy will “contribute” to this now, this moment, until you resolve it.

There is the notion of a standing wave. A wave that is present all of the time. Kind of like the wave, or wake, of water passing a rock in a river. The “standing wave” is present … until the rock is removed. The rock is a metaphor for the energetic element(s) we have accumulated in our subconscious. These standing waves in our subconscious are what gives us a sense of our lives. Creating a “more of the same” energetic persona, that the quantum field reflects back to us.

When we posture with “what is,” we are adding to the energetic “size” of the energetic rocks, creating standing waves of what we are resisting.

What is that saying? “What you resist … persists …” ~ Carl Jung

The way “back” to our freedom is to energetically discharge, or release, the energetic elements within our subconscious. I think it was the Buddha that said, all suffering comes from failing to accept … what is.

When you see things happening in the world, and you energetically “resist” it, you are actually voting for more of it. In other words, the energy we are contributing our attention to, in this moment, keeps the energy “refreshed” in our personal energy persona, thus ensuring that energy is part of our energy in the next moment. When the media perpetuates our attention, we are, collectively, ensuring that the same energy is perpetuated into the next moment, day, week, month, etc.

When you “come across” something that you don’t prefer, by accepting that it is part of the vast potentials of our human condition, you “allow” and do not “resist” the topic. When you recognize that we have fierce free-agency here on Earth, and we have collectively chosen to explore the darkest of those free-will choices, then it takes the edge off of our condition. Because the “way out” of our condition, is to resolve, both individually and thus collectively, our relationship to what we don’t prefer.

To be in the storm, but not biased by the storm, we are the ones that can seed new energy for the future. If we do not resist what is, and rather focus our attention on what we prefer, we are seeding the quantum field with new energy, and thus, new outcomes. Positive consciousness is much more powerful than negative consciousness. As we focus on what we prefer, without holding bias for what we do not prefer, with a positive mindset, we become beacons for the new paradigm(s).

Peace and Love and Joy Baby!

Love to you on this day.



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