Surfing the Karmic Tsunami

Catch the Wave!

This is a most fantastic time to be alive. To be here on Earth now affords opportunities that, perhaps, have never existed in the history of history. At least in the understanding of the collective consciousness, and how it is programmed. Can you see a tug-of-war, so to speak, for the collective mindset? Why is there such a torrent of effort to have sway in what you think? The collective consciousness of humanity is the creator of our collective future. Which affords opportunities for massive profits. Yet Nature is never in it for “the money.”

As we re-constitute our Soul, we enter the easier realms. In other words, we entered more difficult “terrain” when we fragmented ourselves.

Harmony is the key to “seeing” the natural design of life. What are the narrative(s) that you are choosing? What narratives, that the collective consciousness is pushing, are you “signing up” for? The more we separate or fragment ourselves, the less sustainable the narrative becomes. What “new” narratives are being pushed into your consciousness? The ego can think it is “doing” the right thing. And, yes, we have fierce free agency to choose whatever we want to choose. Please, choose whatever you want. All I am saying is that choosing “new” narratives, that fragment and separate the collective, are creating a karmic tsunami of sorts. The further we go into separation, the further we have to come back to harmony.

We, are a miniature model of the collective consciousness. When we fragment ourselves, we gain a karmic momentum of sorts. A karmic momentum is like asking for “more of the same.” We have a more and more consistent karmic experience. And karmic momentum is what is making lasting changes in our lives that much more difficult to do.

The way “out” or the way “home” is the re-constitution of our consciousness. As the Bhagavad Gita says, “As It Is.” Not to resist it, but rather, to choose it. And we choose it by putting our attention on it. What you pay attention to, you are voting for more of.

It gets easier. It gets easier to make change, to feel good, to create what we want, the more we are integrated within ourselves.

If you were to expand what you are giving your attention to … would it create a world you would prefer to have? In other words, when we focus on what we don’t want, we are creating more of what we don’t want.

Love You!



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