Don’t let your ego make you go Numb

We are creatures of habit

So, if I asked you, how similar was today compared to yesterday? Excluding one-time events, such as, “I got married yesterday,” how similar is one day to the next day?

If you think of yourself as being on a spiritual journey, then “motion” would help you “arrive.” We can come to comfort zones, and then we park it there. Many of us don’t just park it there, we homestead there.

It can be just what we need. Comfort, that is. Not to sound contradictory, but comfort can be just the thing to help us recover when we have gone through the ringer. It can take some time to recover. To bring ourselves around, so to speak. As I have shared before, I went through some very tough emotional pain late last year. And it took me several months to come back around. Finding a place of comfort within the chaos was a very helpful step in my journey.

There is an inherent trait within consciousness itself. And that is to expand its expression. Nature is a good example of that. After billions of years of creating new dynamics, it always seeks to express itself in new ways. You are that Nature expressing itself.

There is something that happens when we experience new expressions of ourselves. In a way, we are birthing a new “self.”

What if you try something you haven’t done before? Like, perhaps, salsa dancing. The first lesson, you might feel like you have two left feet. Perhaps feeling a little clumsy. But you stick with it. And over time, you start to get better and better at it.

And then, you find a well of passion within you that gets stirred up when you dance. You surrender to the dance. Perhaps you lose yourself in it. Fast-forward a year or three, and you delight in the opportunity to dance. Finding great joy within it. You are a different person because of this (metaphorical) journey. And your soul smiles. Your heart sings. And your ego finds joy. You have evolved your spiritual nature.

There is something that happens when we are experiencing new stimuli. When we don’t quite know what the outcome will be. We create new circuits in our mind. We heighten our awareness in that situation. We perk up.

It is only in uncertainty … that we are naked and alive. ~ Peter Gabriel

Comfort zones are a common place where patterns get formed. And when we only live in familiar patterns we don’t have anything new coming into our life. Too much of that, and we become numb to anything actually new to us. A slow death, really. Where we always choose the same thing, day after day. Week after week. Even decade after decade. The desire of the ego, to stay in comfort, as it relates to trying something new, can metaphorically end your life years before you actually pass.

What is the ratio of your actions? As it relates to what your heart and soul want you to try, and what your ego actually tries? Is your ego deciding everything that actually happens?

Get some post-it notes and place them around your dwelling. You will get these popcorn sentences showing up in your thoughts. “Go back to school.” “Learn the guitar.” “Start dating again.” “Sign up for those dancing lessons.” These typically show up when your mind is distracted “doing” something else. You are doing the dishes, or unloading groceries from the car. As soon as you hear those popcorn inspirations … write them down verbatim. Now they have permanence in your life. Whereas in the past, your ego could quickly discount them and really ignore them. By writing them down, you are reminded of them the next day. Over time, you can even notice new themes for your life.

That is how I became an author. My ego really didn’t want to. It wanted to stay in my “comfort zone.” Thank God I finally listened to that inspiration. Because here I am, writing yet again. And it brings me such Joy.

Love You!



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