Ticket to Paradise

Look no further than You!

There is your ticket, EnJoy the ride!

For every arena of consciousness, there is a spectrum of possibilities. The archetypes are a good example of this. There is the Sinner and the Saint. The Cop and the Criminal. The Hero and the Victim.

In every single arena, there is (the potential of) You. You, as a Soul, can play out any experience you can imagine. It might not seem that way, once you try to traverse the spectrum. In other words, you might be experiencing a particular type of hardship, trying to change your condition. And, perhaps, not having much luck actually changing your condition.

There is a momentum, of sorts, behind most any karmic stigma. There are several billion variations of such things, playing out in the lives of the 8+ billion people living on the Earth right now. Some are so totally loaded up with karma, day-to-day existence is not guaranteed. Where  life is a struggle to just survive. And, on the other end of the spectrum, there are those who can create whatever they want, whenever they want. A more general spectrum of human existence could be heaven and hell. What is heaven? And what is hell? Both are going to be played out in someone’s life … today. This day.

Oh the pain … oh the pleasure. Oh the possibilities!

You are never stuck. Ever. It might seem that way, but in truth, you cannot stop your spiritual evolution. You can slow it down. You can even reverse it … for a while. But in the end, all consciousness returns to Source. To God. To Heaven … again.

Do you have flesh and bones? Do you have a body? I assume you do, if you are reading this. If you have a body, you have a ticket … to paradise.

There is a tendency for humans to get settled into a routine. There is no right or wrong to this. But if you are living out a repetitive life experience you don’t prefer, you might want to look at where you are in the spectrum of possibilities. In the spectrum of choices, really. I know it can sound harsh to say … that the one(s) suffering … this is a choice you have made. “Oh hell no … I didn’t sign up for this!” comes the reply. Well …

Are you pain’s bitch? Do you find yourself feeling pain and misery on a regular basis? Have you been living a painful pattern for a very long time? This can be the arena of addictions. Drowning your sorrows. Numbing your feelings. Just to get a moment where you can’t feel the pain. That is more common than one might think. And there are “addictions” of sorts that seem normal and healthy. Addictions, as a source of escape, can be anything from shopping, cleaning, socializing, running, exercise, sex, food, etc.

The isolation that so many found themselves in, with the 2020 work-at-home era, brought up some of those feelings that were avoided. There weren’t the regular patterns that had kept people distracted from the more difficult feelings buried within their subconscious. The pain or difficult feelings are the way out. The reason there is so much of the pain or difficult feeling within, is the avoidance of those feelings. The patterns of avoidance, themselves, are actually increasing the feelings that are not desired. When we avoid a particular spectrum of feelings, we are loading up our subconscious with more of those feelings.

As I have shared many times, I had what seems a normal and healthy life, working as a television engineer. No visible signs of avoidance or difficulties. But I was avoiding the feelings of anger. Anger was increasing in my life. And I had no idea, whatsoever, that I was going downhill. As I accumulated more and more anger, without knowing that I was doing this, my body was taking on dis-ease. I was starting to get ulcers. I had digestive issues for decades. And once I connected with my anger, and then returned again and again, to heal my relationship with anger, all of these physical symptoms dissipated.

The journey to “enlightenment” is the reconstitution of our soul. In other words, when we posture with anything, we are setting up a karmic stigma. Moving away from our natural state of enlightenment. To posture is to polarize ourselves. It fragments our consciousness. This fragmentation of our consciousness, over many lifetimes, can load up our psyche so much, that all the possibilities of what might be, collapse into much more rigid patterns of experiences. Often we find ourselves in very deep patterns of addiction. I was addicted to avoiding anger at all cost. I would bet the farm that nobody would have tagged me as an addict. I seemed quite functional, but oh, hell no. I was anything but free to make any choices I wanted. Subconsciously, I had no choice. I had no freedom. It wasn’t until I healed my relationship with anger that I did set myself free. At least, freer than I was.

I am certain there is more fragmentation of my soul that I can heal. That I can reconstitute. That I can mend. That is the journey itself.

But I don’t have to wait for the finish line. I can experience heaven today. I can experience joy today. I can laugh and play and have a good time too. Although these feelings could be part of my addictive patterns, they can also be a way that I recharge myself as well.

What I am getting at is that the “bad” feelings are important to feel as well. Not in a masochistic fashion, per se. But I would have been stuck had I not connected with my anger. That feeling I never wanted to feel. The very thing I was avoiding, was the very thing that was tanking my life.

All feelings, all emotions, do not have built-in re-actions to them. They are indifferent and impersonal. The first time I connected with so much of my considerable anger, the anger itself had no bias of its own. I remember being startled by the sudden presence of so much anger flowing out of me. I had thought, who the hell are YOU? And the anger was like … whatever. Think of me as you will. In other words, it was my mind that had established a re-active pattern to the feeling of anger. The anger itself did not have a built-in, re-active pattern. It was something I had learned in my youth. When I feel anger now, it is a welcome message, telling me something is off. Something is needing my attention. Whatever you are avoiding, is the doorway to the next step(s) of your spiritual evolution.

Enjoy, in joy, the journey.

Love Love



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