healing from pain


Ticket to Paradise Look no further than You! There is your ticket, EnJoy the ride!For every arena of consciousness, there is a spectrum of possibilities. The archetypes are a good example of this. There is the Sinner and the Saint. The Cop and the Criminal. The Hero and the Victim.In every single arena, there is (the potential of) You. You, as a Soul, can play out any experience you can imagine. It might not seem that way, once you try to traverse the spectrum. In other words, you might be experiencing a particular type of hardship, trying to change your condition. And, perhaps, not having much luck actually changing your condition.There is a momentum, of sorts, behind most any karmic stigma. There are several billion variations of such things, playing out in the lives of the 8+ billion people living on the Earth right now. Some are so totally loaded…