What did You get out of 2020? There are always gifts woven within the struggles First things first … Happy New Year!!! 2020 did provide bountiful harvests … for those who had the courage to do the work. What if … 2020 was just like 2019? Would that have been “better?” We would not be on the trajectory of change that we are on now. We would be quite a bit more unconscious. Our trajectory would not have anywhere near the freedom and awareness that the real 2020 has brought us. When I say “freedom and awareness” what I am talking about is You. The thing is … when things are “easy” we tend to ignore ourselves. We tend to ignore our subconscious tendencies. We would be thinking about  vacations, sports teams, social gatherings, movies and such. And these things typically do not bring about (deep) change. If we are…