You can’t escape … your Divinity

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you … now

Have you dropped the ball? Do you feel like you’ve gotten off the “path?” Feeling a bit out in the weeds? You can think that you have fallen from Grace.

You can’t. Well … you can. You can think that you are not enough. Or, perhaps, that the struggles before you are too great. You can think of your life in any way that you want. Who is more “righteous?” The sinner or the saint? Jesus or the Devil?

If you were, metaphorically, to go visit a planet where everyone is … well, “Jesus”… everyone Divine … there would be nothing to learn. It would be like taking an advanced sailing class, but the boat is in a backyard swimming pool. Nothing here to challenge you. No skills to learn. Not compared to navigating the tempest of a tsunami out on the ocean.

Sure, Earth sucks. Well … not the Earth itself. Humanity. Well, not humanity itself. But the narrative(s) that humanity has taken on, over the past thousands and thousands of years. We are not our narratives. Well, yes we are … at least for this chapter of eternity.

Next time you are in a bookstore, go find the thickest book on Mythology you can find, and just browse through all the narratives.

“We need to find a virgin to sacrifice to the Sun God, so we can have a good growing season in the spring.”

“Zeus is a God. So don’t get Zeus pissed off at you.”

“Insert YOUR narrative … here.”

No matter how “bad” you have been, or how bad you feel, know that this is just a chapter of a much bigger book, or storyline, of your timeless Soul.

You can’t really get stuck, ever. Karma is so well-designed, that nobody can take dominion over others, at least not forever. Humanity has been controlled and exploited. We have all gone into the shadow. Into the suffering. Into the darkness. We, as souls, chose to do just that. So we would have a tempest, a karmic tsunami, to master. We created a karmic storm, so we could master the art of finding our Divinity, within the darkness of the storm.

No matter the suck factor of your life, you are never stuck. No matter the tempest of the collective conscious narrative, you are bigger than it. Whatever it is, it is but a single chapter in the BIG book of mythology.

This too … will pass.

Love You!



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