What are You waiting for? What?

Are we there yet?

There is the notion that a goldfish will grow to match the container in which it is kept. Keep a small goldfish in a small bowl, and it will stay small. Move it to a bigger bowl, and it will grow in size accordingly.

Our egos can behave the same way.

Is your ego enjoying your life? Is your heart enjoying your ego?

So many of us are drowning in the mundane. We have rationalized ourselves into an unfulfilling life. Our life in our fast brain, has no real room for the desires of our heart. Our ego, from moment to moment, categorizes all that is happening to us. Putting everything in its “appropriate” box. Our egos are symbol processors. Our egos process symbols. Symbols. Symbols are not anyTHING, really. Symbols are … well, symbols, that represent something else.

Write a book … my heart told my ego. Write? Me? Oh hell no. My definition (symbol), of what a writer is … is not me. I am not that (symbol). Fast forward several decades, and I LOVE writing. I am doing just that (writing) … right now.

There is a part of our brain that doesn’t live in the realm of symbols.

Here is a TED Talk about just that. Jill had a stroke that totally shut down her rational mind, and the non-linear realm of her mind “took over.” Where she lost her ability to rationalize her experience. This shows us a realm that is always there, but perhaps, vacant of any actual thoughts throughout our day. A non-linear space of consciousness. Our heart and soul know the power behind this realm. The realm of infinite possibilities, really.

My stroke of insight | Jill Bolte Taylor. Youtube link.

Our heart and soul can “think” in a non-linear realm. In other words, a world without symbols. Sometimes, when we find ourselves in a rut of sorts, we are stuck in the realm of the rational mind. Where we have labeled everything, and nothing inspires us anymore. We “think” we are anchored in “reality.” Yet, where we have ended up is so lopsided, in the realm of our rational mind, that we are ignoring a vast realm of new possibilities for each and every moment.

“Write a book” … processing … processing … processing … (ego) I have compared this information, and it doesn’t match what I have determined to be “desirable” (from the rational mind’s perspective). So …. no.

If you feel like you are stuck, perhaps uninspired and yearning for a more exciting life, perhaps you are swimming in your rational mind.

Step out of the rational, and immerse yourself in something that inspires you. That is an easy sentence to read. Immerse myself in something that inspires me? What if I don’t feel inspired? So just what would inspire me? What?

Try painting, or writing poetry, or whistle a little tune that you make up in this moment. These ideas are not instantly “resolved” by our ego. It takes a bit to pause, and let the inspiration come to us. See if your ego wants to rush in and determine if you did it “right.”

Life (consciousness) seeks expansion. To express itself in ever-expanding and evolving realms. To live a life you enjoy, practice enjoying today. Your heart and soul will enjoy trying new things. Things that might not make any “sense” to your ego. Get out of your head. Create a pause in your mental chatter, and allow the inspiration of your heart and soul to have enough space to immerse into something completely new.

Often we have lost a sense of balance in our life. Where the rational side of our minds is running the whole show. In other words, the vast majority of thoughts we have, throughout our day, are one-sided. Is it mostly our rational mind, quantifying all of our choices? Based on what we have chosen in the past? A static life? An uninspired life? Where our heart and soul don’t really get much opportunity to express themselves?

Are we there yet? (Living a life we Love)

When you are living the life you love, it will be experienced within a day, just like today. This day.

Love You!



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