Where is Your Sense of Self?

Who do you think you are?

So let’s mangle “reality” a bit. Shall we?

So, if we asked one thousand people to answer a few questions … Say like, is the world safe or is it dangerous? Is life happening to you, or can you change anything about your life? Is Love easy or hard? Does God hold my salvation? The questions, per se, are not the information we are looking for. But rather, the answers.

As we would, metaphorically, read through the results, we could soon see that there are thousands of different viewpoints, attitudes and beliefs, all being experiences … by an ego. One by one. Each “reality” unique yet very “real.”

So, how about your ego?

Let’s take a jump back, to the day you were born. Just a newborn little baby. Ohhh my … nice butt!

On this “birth”day …

God is not biased towards you. God has arranged for fierce freedom, for you to choose and act any way you want. God is not biased towards you. (Yes, indeed, God has unconditional love for you, but … Love without conditions.) You are free.

The quantum mirror is not biased towards you. Frame by frame, in this “movie” of your life, the quantum simply mirrors back your thoughts, feelings and beliefs (as energy) creating the “reality” you are experiencing right now. It is done unto you, as you believe. In other words, you create your quantum reflection. You are free.

And get this, day one, your ego has no biases, motives or agendas at all. You are not offended by anyone else’s viewpoints, beliefs or attitudes. There is no ego to play out any narrative, yet. You have no “Sense of Self” … yet. You are “inserted” into the family dynamic, that will “install” many beliefs, attitudes and values that will sculpt you. But as on day one … You are free.

Back to the present day.

So … who are you? really?

The ego that is reading this, didn’t exist the day you were born. You existed as a human, sure, but didn’t have your current “Sense of Self.” So, your Sense of Self is not really you. Not the Big you. The everlasting you. Your Sense of Self was grown. Within your family of origin. One of 7 billion+ egos playing out a seemingly “real” life experience, yet said experience is like no other. Not completely. We are all unique. All creating our own quantum reflection or reality for ourselves. Each ego, filling out the metaphorical questionnaire, truthfully, yet completely different than anyone else.

You are never stuck. Not really. Your ego, thank God, has no say whatsoever in the continuity of your consciousness. You can’t stop your life. Your consciousness. Well, you can terminate this incarnation, but the continuity of the BIG you continues. There are countless NDE (Near Death Experiences) stories available online, that show how the soul continues after death. You, the Big you, is safe. Very safe. Extremely safe. No intention of man can touch your core essence.

So, whatever is happening in your life right now, is notĀ  personal. Sure, you are having a personal experience of it. But the mechanics of the universe, that allow this experience to happen, have no bias, motive or agenda contrary to what you want. You are the creator incarnate. It is done unto You as You believe. You have fierce freedom to (re)create any narrative that suits you.

When we can re-calibrate our Sense of Self, as this vast Soul having a human experience, entrenched in karmic narratives, we can choose to not take our current narrative(s) so personally. Once this happens, we grant ourselves more flexibility in how we frame our current narratives. You can shift your relationship with your current karma, in an instant. You can re-frame your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs to better suit your preferences … right now. You are never stuck. Ever.

Dream your BEST Dream … it is your Soul, trying to inspire You(r ego šŸ˜‰

Love You!



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