your life


Where is Your Sense of Self? Who do you think you are? So let’s mangle “reality” a bit. Shall we? So, if we asked one thousand people to answer a few questions … Say like, is the world safe or is it dangerous? Is life happening to you, or can you change anything about your life? Is Love easy or hard? Does God hold my salvation? The questions, per se, are not the information we are looking for. But rather, the answers. As we would, metaphorically, read through the results, we could soon see that there are thousands of different viewpoints, attitudes and beliefs, all being experiences … by an ego. One by one. Each “reality” unique yet very “real.” So, how about your ego? Let’s take a jump back, to the day you were born. Just a newborn little baby. Ohhh my … nice butt! On this “birth”day ……