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What is the role of the ego?

There are many, many spiritual gurus that think the ego is to be reduced or shrunk to be as small as possible. Some even use the term to kill the ego. But something doesn’t add up with that stance.

Sure, indeed, the ego can be the source of so much suffering. The ego can be a significant contributor to our karmic dysfunction. The undisciplined ego is indeed something we would want to heal and teach, if we are wanting to fulfill our true Divine potentials.

But riddle me this. If indeed the ego “runs” on the framework of our mind, and we are only using 10% of our mind, then as we activate more and more of our mind, or mental horsepower, then the “engine” our ego is running on becomes much more powerful. Based on the idea that our ego is the software our minds are running, and the brain or mind itself is the hardware that our ego “runs” on. What would a healthy ego look like, once we have activated 100% of our brain’s capacity? In the Divine idea of BEing a human being, what is the role of our egos?

Then there is the notion of narratives. The temporal length to our “stories.” Or how long we spend in our stories. For most of humanity, we have very long narratives. You might think of a narrative as a “script” or “screenplay” we are playing out. Our mental chatter. You might “birth” a narrative, when you start doing new affirmations. Creating new dialogue in your mind’s payload or tasks. But if (as He had demonstrated and then promised you would do as well) Jesus would perform all manner of miracles instantly … or close to instantly … suggests that His narratives, those thought processes, were all rather short in comparison to the most of us. Some people can chant affirmations for months, years, and even decades, before realizing their bounty. Far from instant manifestation.

The more we heal our relationship with our Divinity, so too our narratives shorten themselves. Since we can more easily fulfill our intentions and desires as we heal our relationship with the realm of miracles, there is no need for long, drawn-out narratives. So, a (more) fully realized mind, operating closer to 100% capacity, coupled with shorter narratives, paints a model of our Divine mental constructs as, perhaps, a flock of birds flying through the air. All (of our narratives) following a hidden orchestrated trajectory. Many shorter narratives, all flowing in harmony with themselves. Poof done. Poof done. Poof done.

I don’t think the ego is a villain, at least once it moves into harmony with our heart and soul. I see it more as a lens of sorts. The lens our soul has, a lens that is anchored in the 3D world. A foreign place of our soul. As we did have a soul, without a body, without form, before we were born. The human persona is an experience in which our soul is choosing to participate. And the ego is the receptor of our environmental information, and thus experience, that it is uploading to the consciousness of our soul. A bigger, faster ego affords a much more immersive experience. Handling much more environmental “processing” information, moment to moment.

Several decades ago, I started my practice of No-Thought Meditation. To stop the current narrative(s) all the way to silence. Complete silence. No thought(s). This is a very powerful technique, in that your soul does not need language, sentences, paragraphs of narratives. It is the realm of our ego. And by stopping our thoughts, we are much closer to the nature of our soul.

You might think of your soul as a field of energy. Like the light coming off the filament of a light bulb. A field of light. No structure (sentencing). A non-linear realm of consciousness. Thought (sentencing) IS linear. We start our sentences, and move linearly through them to the end of the sentence. It is as if your ego slows down to a stop, pulls up a chair, and chills right at the portal of inspiration within your BEing. Your ego doesn’t carry (much of) a narrative of its own, at least in a long-term way. It is at ease, tuned in to the arriving inspiration(s) of the moment. Poised to take action(s) on the inspirations, fulfilling them in very short order. This affords the soul the ability to have a very nimble current, or active narrative. Affording sharper turns in trajectory. The trajectory that our thoughts create.

It seems like the Divine idea of an ego is a very powerful engine, that affords a nimble platform of intention. Without significant momentum.

What are your thoughts? (wink ;- )

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