Putting Yourself Back Together

Have you ever been wiped out?

For so many people, these have been some pretty hard times. How do you put yourself back together?

I recently had to go through this. Well, I chose to go through this. As you know, scrubbing my psyche is a priority in my life. And over the Christmas week, I hit pay dirt. Or perhaps, pay pain. There were events buried in my psyche that were very painful. As my intention is to clear out those heavy substantial events, I bumped up against a doozie. There was so much pain, buried so deep within me, that when I released it, it felt like I was chained flat to the ground, and a slow-moving river of molten lava slowly engulfed me.

I have heard others personally relate to this description. Having similar events within their lives too. If you are feeling like this … you are not alone. I am not saying this is for everyone. But it left my psyche raw and devastated. Now what?

How do we re-constitute ourselves? How do we put ourselves back together, so to speak?

Stay present to your inside. That is to say, put your attention on the core of you. That is the metaphorical foundation of you. Take the time, all of the time that you need, to rest. At your core is this … well, “core” energy. Breathe into it. In other words, take the time to “inflate” this core energy within you. With each inhale, imagine this “core” of you expanding. With each breath, expanding your core energy. Do this often. You will be re-connecting your ego to your core.

Pay attention to your energy. To your energetic “consumption.” Don’t take in junk food. Don’t watch the news. Don’t watch shows that stress your nervous system. Do play music that you love. Perhaps faster-paced music, and get up and move your body. Have FUN with this. Dance and jump around. Laugh at how crazy far you have come. And you are still here. Epsom salt baths are a great way to bring your body to a more relaxed state. Draw a bath, with water as hot as is comfortable, and dissolve several cups of Epsom salts into the water. You can add drops of essential oils, Himalayan salts, etc. Throw your phone out the back door. Aiming for a snowbank, where appropriate. Play some calming music. Just relax.  Exercise can help release stressful energy too. A good workout can get your blood flowing (better) again.

Remember, the continuity of your consciousness is assured. You are safe. You are safe. You are safe.

You wouldn’t have these intense episodes if you weren’t a most advanced soul, taking a master course in the human experience. You Rock!

Love to You on this day.



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