Out with the Old … In with the New

Shifting into the New Year

The winds of change are upon us. Nobody has to be told that the world is changing. Humanity is going  though more change(s) than perhaps any time in our history. And here we are.

So, what’s it going to be? There is a bit of an opportunity here. If, metaphorically, everything has been turned on its head, then you too can completely redesign yourself. (You always can.) But the notion I want to look at closer is your authentic preferences.

You really didn’t have an ego, to speak of, the day you were born. No sentencing, no preferences, per se. And it was in your family of origin that your ego was created. Your ego, by its very nature, is a creature of habits or patterns. You could say we installed a groundwork of habits and patterns as we created, or grew, our ego.

Our soul, for many of us, chose a family dynamic that was quite contrary to our life purpose. We might have chosen a family dynamic that was anything but compassionate, and yet learning the power of compassion might be a core lesson our soul chose for us to play out in this lifetime. Looking to totally understand compassion by starting out in a family that, perhaps, had none for each other.

So now … you are at a point where you are adjusting to change. Everyone is. Change is everywhere. So if you are going to adjust, and thus, change your life, now is a great time to hone your understanding of your authenticity. So you can become more authentic to yourself. As change is happening, you can weigh all the elements in your life that are changing. And by taking the time to ponder what you truly prefer, you can create a more authentic life.

Authenticity can be a karmic stigma. Wait … what? I thought authenticity is when you are in the flow with your soul. Sure. Indeed. But we might label some preference as being our “authentic” desire, when in fact, it is our ego reacting out of separation. For example, a person that was perhaps bullied as a child, who is now a police officer. That police officer can have very strong subconscious anger over feeling powerless to the overpowering strength of the bullies. And now will show them who is the boss. A general subconscious attitude towards people they get triggered by.

To be completely present in the moment, and pay attention to the emotional energy that might come up as you bump up against “reality,” is a great place to discover subconscious biases that do not really serve you. If you get triggered by whatever, and you feel a familiar, and perhaps strong or intense emotional reaction, this is a good sign that you are re-acting out a patterned habit. Where something that might have been programmed into you as a child, that really doesn’t serve you, can be detected.

Pay attention to your energy. When you feel familiar patterns of energetic reactions to your experiences, that is a great place to hone in on. Perhaps you were raised to be a caregiver. Women are often cast in these roles. You are there to support the family. Perhaps this is instilled in you, at a very early age. Where your needs are always not considered that much. Fast forward, and your spouse is walking all over you. When, perhaps, you get constantly interrupted, and never get a chance to share your feelings or preferences, and this tension, this frustration, comes up as you bump into this narrative once again. This is paydirt karmically. To recognize when you are starting a triggered event. This can be where a lot of fear can come up. Fear can be the default reaction to creating a new response. Excuse me, but I was sharing how I feel … What I wanted to say is …

Yikes, the unknown. What will their reaction be? Yikes!

It can take some big kahunas to break out of very ingrained habits. For this is the birthplace for something new. Something (yet) unknown. Perhaps just the thing that will set us free. Yet the fear of this can be the spiritual lesson we really need to learn to live a more authentic life. What do we do when we bump up against the fear of the unknown? The fear of change?

What can help us here, is to have a clear vision of what we would prefer. When we give ourselves the time to daydream, we can allow our heart and soul to show us what a more authentic life could look like. The clearer we are about what we really want, allows us to more easily choose something new. When we have a better understanding of what our authentic self would prefer, we can make the change(s) much more easily.

2023 is on its way. And change will continue throughout the year. As the collective consciousness of humanity chooses what it prefers. Help humanity choose a more authentic narrative for itself. By being more authentic to yourself.

Love You!



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