You can’t exhaust the (quantum) mirror

Every reflection has the same merit

How do you “burden” a mirror? I mean, really, it just reflects other things. No matter how big. Any image a mirror reflects, has the same “merit” as any other image. I have been using the metaphor of a mirror a lot lately. It fits so well. It fits the nature of how we create our “reality.”

Is the world “safe” or “dangerous?”

Your belief, an internal attribute, will decide this for you. It is done unto you as you believe. Our beliefs are an inside job. And yet, they “decide” how we experience the world outside of us. The world outside of us is a reflection of (the inside of) us.

Are you karma’s b*tch? Is karma happening to you? Or is your karma a reflection of you? Is karma an inside job?

One of the, perhaps, tougher aspects of having gone so far into the darkness is that we have many karmic elements within our (inner) personal energy persona. Many different karmic stigmas embedded in our subconscious. With such a collage of karmic energetic elements within us, that the quantum mirror just reflects back to us in a very impersonal way, there seems to be a very familiar and “constant” experience of our life. A constant experience of our karma. Experience of our reflection.

The way “out” of our karma comes from going within ourselves. I had no notion of this for the first several decades of my life. As shared before, I had an immense amount of unresolved anger in(side) me. And my ego had no clue it was there. Yet I kept bumping up against these angry people. Attracting to me a reflection of me. My angry boss was a karmic teacher I attracted to me, to show me the subconscious aspect of myself. Everything outside of us, that elicits a reaction, is a teacher, showing us our own karmic stigmas.

I am that I am. Zero stance or posture. And thus, zero reaction. Zero karma. God/Goddess rocks, eh?

The very same mechanism, the quantum reflection, gives us our misery, and it also offers us our greatest euphoria. Without a preference for which one(s) we actually create. A mirror has no bias of its own. It has no “image” of its own. Every single moment, a mirror is indifferent to what is being reflected or created by us. We are free. We are free. We are free.

There is nothing in a reflection that has any (real) power of its own. There is nothing in our individual realities that holds us without our consent. Indeed, that “consent” can be buried in many hundreds, if not thousands, of incarnations. Again, this is where we can get a sense that we are not creating our experience. That the world outside of us has a motive of its own. When we have loaded up our personal energy persona with massive collages of karmic stigmas, we can feel like we can’t have any real effect on our experience of our own lives. Where we feel powerless to have any lasting change.

Before I got cracked open 25+ years ago, my karmic momentum had a trajectory for my life, that I could have probably drawn with a straight line. I am a TV engineer, father, husband … period. A rather static idea of myself. But now, even so many decades later, my life keeps evolving. It keeps expanding. My heart and soul constantly show me new possibilities. I am never stuck. When I got cracked open, I had such a decisive momentum, I resisted any change(s) in my narrative. “Write a book” said my heart … “oh hell no,” said my ego. “Write a book” equated to “create a new reflection” of your (inner) self. Create, from the inside out, a new narrative for yourself.

We are never stuck, in that we are never done. We always have another moment, another chance. The continuity of our consciousness is assured. Our ego has zero say in that.

You are a timeless soul, having a human experience. An experience of your own reflection.

Love You!



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