The Metrics of a Mirror

Changing the image in a mirror

There is a fluke to trying to change the reflection of a mirror, by focusing on the mirror. In other words, reaching towards the mirror, to change the image it is showing you, won’t actually change where the image is really coming from. If you hair is messy in the mirror, comb your hair.

If the world outside of you is holding karmic stigmas for you, change your personal energy persona. Your “reality” is your reflection.

Although this seems simple, it can take a bit of trial and error to get the knack of it. Everything you are observing in your life exists as an energetic component of your personal energy persona. To change your life experience, change the INNer chi, your inner energy, and see if you notice a difference in your external experience.

The mirror won’t change the reflection. The image of the reflection has nothing to change within it. In other words, the “person” you see “in the mirror” doesn’t have any “hair” to comb. It is the image, or reflection of your hair. Comb your hair, and the reflection will follow. It is only the “source image” (you) of the reflection, where a change can truly be made.

When Jesus healed people, he didn’t go mess with their physical bodies, as the body is created by the reflection of the personal energy persona. He changed the inner chi, their inner energy, within their personal energy persona, and the reflection (the physical body, created by the quantum mirror) changes in kind. That is why my ulcers vanished, after I released all that inner energy (anger). The physical body follows, or mirrors, the personal energy persona. This was mentioned in the “Physics of God” episode a while back.

Western academics is all about the matter. Western medicine is largely focused on the “physical body.” Let’s run tests on the “physical body.” Lets measure the temp, breathing, heart rate, etc. of the body, to “fix” the reflection. Where Jesus never did anything physically to the bodies of those he healed. Just Poof! Done. By making the changes in the personal energy persona, he instantly changed the reflection, or physical body, from the quantum mirror. The real place to study, is the non-physical ethereal field.

When we think of something we want to manifest, and then look at the contents of your current personal energy persona, there is a difference of energy between the two. Otherwise, you would be experiencing the desired thing/outcome. This will make more sense over time.

If you were to pray, for perfect health for example, the answer to the prayer would “show you” the vibrational equivalent of your “perfect health” personal energy persona vibration. The difference between that, and your current personal energy persona, is the karmic energy to be cleared for you to get there. By resolving the difference of energy between those two, is the healing itself.

Don’t fret if this doesn’t make sense, it isn’t really mainstream stuff. Yet.

Love You!



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