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Christ Consciousness to You

Christ Consciousness to You Where is it that we are headed? When we think of the “spiritual” journey … where is it exactly that we are going? To get clear about what is the destination of this spiritual journey? Is it a place on a map? Once

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Christ was an Example for Us

Find the Christ consciousness within you The Christmas Holiday is upon us. The holiday is typically celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. When we think of Jesus, we have a living example of what is possible in our human story. Jesus Christ told us that we

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We have forever, now hurry up!

Where ARE you going? Are we there yet? Have we “awakened?” Are we stuck in nirvana? Overwhelmed with bliss? When I look at people’s energy, one of the most common energies I feel is an anxiousness. A sense of angst about the moment. Well, it isn’t really

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