Your Emotions evolve as You evolve

There IS a promised land

So … do you ever feel stuck? Kind of like … is this all there is? There is a thing about karma … a quagmire of sorts.

As we, as timeless souls, load up our psyches with karma … everything slows down. You might even think of it kind of like temperature and water.

Niagara Falls is a pretty impressive sight. So many tons of water, crashing on the rocks. But there are photographs of Niagara Falls frozen solid. An immense amount of power … frozen. Held “captive” by the cold temperature. That is kind of like our karma.

Zap! Poof! Zang! Ka-Powee!

When we completely cleanse our karma, out of our timeless persona, we will manifest in the moment. Jesus could manifest things out of thin air, in the moment. A very powerful persona. And he promised that we too, would do the same thing.

But what do Emotions have to do with instant manifestation? Perhaps everything. For myself, my “spiritual” journey started with the discovery of an immense amount of unresolved emotions … stored in my subconscious. An immense amount of energy that was hanging out, below my radar. And the quantum mirror would gladly reflect that unresolved subconscious karmic imprinting … back to me.

I like simple. What is a simple definition of karma? How about … unresolved aspects of our past, influencing the present (moment).

The thing is, we all have the Divine Spark of God within us. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you (now). The Father and I are one (now). Ask … and it is given (now). The temporal delay we are experiencing is the dilution of our consciousness, by those karmic elements of our past, that are energetically present in our personal energy persona. All of our energy, both conscious and subconscious, are being projected into the quantum mirror in every moment. It is kind of like a teeter-totter. Once we get loaded up, we get stuck. In other words, once we cross a metaphorical threshold, our ability to manifest what we want … becomes captive to our karma. Where the vast majority of the energy we are projecting into the quantum field, is our karma from our past. And our Emotions are a big part of this.

To find freedom (again) is to purify our own energy. To resolve the unresolved aspects of ourselves.

It is a timeless lesson. A lesson that will wait forever. Until we discover the nature of manifestation. I like the definition of “faith” that says … faith is having no thought (energy) contrary.  Or in other words, no energy within your persona contrary to your desires. Karmically clean and thus …karmically free.

Our mind (thoughts) is a huge part of our emotional struggles. The mechanism of our emotions is impersonal. Our emotions have no motives of their own. It is our thoughts that assign importance to our emotions. So, our state of mind is the power point in our emotional skills. It is when we feel upset, that our mind (thoughts) decides the feeling isn’t desirable. The feeling itself does not have a built-in meaning. In other words, the feelings of our emotions do not have meaning in and of themselves. It is our mind/ego that assigns the meaning, and thus, this becomes the root of our re-actions to our emotions. Well, you can assign a new meaning in a moment. You can reprogram your relationship to your emotions instantly. The emotions do not have a motive or requirement of their own.

As you evolve your understanding of your emotions, you can evolve the outcome of it all. In other words,   when you change your re-actions (in the moment) to your emotions, you instantly change the results of the emotional encounter. Practice this, and you can come out of the proverbial karmic storm.

Love You!


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