Your Soul seeks growth. To grow. To evolve.

Bend and Stretch

For myself, I find it most curious that our egos have the final say in what we actually do. Well, at least for a while.

There is a static effect when we live in our egos. Where our lives become static, or perhaps stagnant, and not dynamic. Our egos really want to know what is going to be the outcome of our decisions. Perhaps we have been burned before. Or, perhaps, our hearts have been broken. And we don’t want to feel THAT (ever) again. So we become very cautious with all of our decisions.

Welcome to, perhaps, the most advanced karmic classroom in the galaxy. Planet Earth.

If you can find the Light (of unconditional Love) at the core of your BEing, within this karmic tsunami, well, you just might be a badass angel. It can be challenging for sure. Very challenging. The school of hard knocks. Some of our life paths might seem like one train wreck after another. But yet, here you are. Reading a blog that constantly touts the infinite potentials within you now.

What else is possible?

Divine Mother and Divine Father are lying in bed, having just finished the best romp they have ever had together. Wow, THAT was fantastic. What else is possible? Nature/God/Goddess/Consciousness is never done. There is a cycle of sorts. Inhale … Exhale. Create … Rest.

Sometimes we get stuck in the rebound or recovery. We get comfortable resting after a tough time. And I totally get it. We can lose our desire to even “go there” again. When we have been through a tough time, a tempest or storm, we might want to put the sail down, on our proverbial sailboat, and just enjoy the pause.

The cosmic lumber store has run out of cosmic two-by-fours. lol. 2020 was a wake-up call for so many people. A collective consciousness two-by-four. We are being called to grow. To evolve. To enter a new chapter, a new dynamic. And that requires putting the sail back up. We can want to rest. And indeed, rest is very important. But there is a void of sorts. A very, very BIG void. And it will be filled. The “normal” of 2019 is gone. And we have not created a new normal, or new narrative, yet. We are creating our own “new” normal. But are we conscious of it?

If we stay in our egos, we will not really harvest this magnificent opportunity. If we stay in the comfort of indifference, or inaction, we will set ourselves up for more of the same. Our egos can vote for inaction, and our egos will have the final say … until our souls get the cosmic two-by-four out, and force us to look at our incongruencies.

My life got cracked open by my soul getting out the cosmic two-by-four, and cracking me open. Thank God!

If we become conscious of that inner dialogue, we can avoid the need for the cosmic two-by-four.

Set the sail, grab the rudder, and set a course to fulfill the desires of your soul. The vision of your soul was chosen before you were even born. Are you going to honor that? Are you headed in that direction? Don’t tell me … but do tell you. You will find the most satisfaction and sense of fulfillment if you are on course.

Love You!


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