When Love has You

Love loves You

Love is a very powerful thing. I have noticed, over the years, that if I talk/write about Love, people tend to disconnect. And yet here we are. Love is a most curious thing, really. When people fall in Love, it is something to behold. And yet, so many people don’t even want to bother (to look for Love again).

Cue Love.

And Love comes rushing in. Love is really a very fascinating “thing.” I would say Love is very multi-dimensional. Love is every where and every when. Often we think about Love as a personal relationship. Parents loving their children. Lovers loving up on each other. Pets loving up on their owners. Angels loving up on us. And then there is God/Goddess … the BIG Love.

But I suggest you throw all of that out the window.

And look again with virgin eyes. Love can be very subtle. Very subtle. It can easily be missed. There is love acting out all over the place. There is not a single realm where Love expresses itself. Love is in all things. Even in the shadows. Love has chosen to forget itself, and then go looking for itself.

I suggest to you, to start a new campaign of sorts. That you keep a close lookout for Love. Perhaps you can hear it in the checkout line at the store. Perhaps you can see it in a kind gesture between strangers. Perhaps you can see it in yourself, when you make a new choice for yourself.

I guess what I am getting at is that Love will meet you anywhere. In any realm of your life. You do not have only the realm of human interactions in which to “find” Love. You can experience Love in other realms. And, perhaps there, heal your relationship with Love. There can come a day when you see the Love within the “villains” of your life. The scallywags. The betrayers, deceivers, liars, and the abusers. Those souls with whom you made a soul agreement to play out the “hide the Love” game here on Earth. Once the curtain comes down, you will hug and laugh about the grand adventure in Love you played out with each other.

If you can see that you are just souls, playing out the “find the Love” game, you can reach a point when you can see Love everywhere. Then, then, Love has you. You can’t look in the eyes of the darkness and not see it for what it is. There is something that happens when you put your judgment down and look again with fresh eyes. When you see the Love behind the shadows, then you are the one that can transform it. It can take bold eyes to see such truth. But it is there to see.

Start with You. Can you see the Love there?

Love You!



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