The Pinch of the Collective

Where does Your Divinity live?

There is a rather BIG shift going on. An awakening of sorts. And within that shift, there is you. You. The collective narrative is unraveling itself. It is experiencing a bit of a collapse. And this is a very good thing.

The many different prophecies have proclaimed a Golden Era. A Dawn of a New Beginning for humanity. We are evolving out of the herd mentality. Out of the narrative of our own history. The notion of the Castle on the Hill (where the King and Queen live). The notion of royalty. Of agencies and institutions that “decide” the direction of humanity. Where, perhaps, there was a pyramid of sorts. The rulers at the top, and the masses at the bottom.

Although this style of modeling our culture around a few, that dictates the choices of us all, has been rooted in our history, its days are coming to an end.

There is a scale of sorts. A model of perception. A way to think of the intangible.

When the collective, or perhaps the masses, are wallowed in karma, they are anchored in the herd, or pack, mentality. There is a surrender of our own innate Divine potentials, that we ourselves decided to do a very long time ago. Where we surrendered our own Divinity. Where we surrendered our own personal sovereignty and our own dominion. Where we surrendered our own freedom, really. But that is the thing about consciousness. About spirituality. There was a time when we did live in our Divinity. In our truth. In our power. And we chose, as a collective of Souls, to surrender all of that and walk through the darkness. To intentionally walk through the storm.

The Dawn of the New Humans … has arrived. Where, through our own inner spiritual journey, we bump up against our own Divinity. It is a return of sorts. It is a reclaiming of what was always there. We have decided to metaphorically walk out of the collective and to stand in our own sovereignty. To have complete and total dominion over our lives. If Jesus said, we will do everything that He has done, then imagine if you will, a collective of Saviors. Of Mystics, Shamans and of Alchemists. If we all could manifest food, out of thin air, like Jesus demonstrated. If we could, through our own Divinity create, real-time, anything we desired. Well, the old structure of our culture would no longer apply.

Well, Les, we can’t do that. OK. I get that. How can I talk about such things, when I cannot manifest out of thin air … yet? Because I listen. I listen to the still small voice within me (and you). For myself, one of the core lessons my Soul had me learn in this lifetime is that of Power. I have shared, many times, how I have worked with very high-power systems over the decades. And I have been scrubbing my own psyche for a very long time too. And I have evolved into a realm of understanding. An understanding of the evolution of a Soul. Both individually and collectively too.

The pinch of the collective, is the grasping of straws. There has been a collective karma, where what we needed to survive was provided for, by the institutions. By the royalty. By the rulers of the past. As these systems collapse, as prophesied, it is creating the shift to the Divine individual. You will see a tug-of-war over resources. You are seeing that right now. And they want us to cling to something they hold, to keep us attached to their old narratives. But it is time to entertain a new dynamic.

Honeycomb structures, where everything that life needs is contained in its own small and local community, is the new dynamic. Where everything you need, exists within 5 to 10 miles from you. Where nothing that is critical comes from far away. Self-sustaining communities. All over the world. Where what happens on the other side of the world, is of no consequence to you.

If you only have one choice for how you get fuel, food, electricity … you have no power.

No Choice … No Power.
More Choice(s) … More Power.
Your Choice … Your Power.

Look for the new paradigms that are being IN-spired within so many. Listen to your own In-spirations.

What a most exciting time to be alive!

Love You!



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