A Timeless Soul … personified

Who do you think you are?

What if every time you crashed your car, you got a brand new one?

It’s not that I am suggesting you crash … anything. But…

There is nothing on this earth that can harm your essence. Ever. You are safe. You are safe. You are safe.

But, we don’t identify as our Soul so much. Sure, our ego can die, with our body. But our essence is always safe. The point of this is … how safe are you going to play out your life? I totally get having a fear of death. And a healthy awareness of keeping your “human” (you) safe from harm is a good thing. But, you are living in the most transformational era of, perhaps, all of time. You (your soul) saw this coming and chose to incarnate. To be here now. It was seen as a grand opportunity. Perhaps the biggest opportunity ever.

You (your ego/body) will die eventually. Sorry to be a downer. But … are you going to live? Really live? Can you have the courage of your soul? Can you embark on exciting adventures in this lifetime? I find it most fascinating just how much pull our egos have. Our egos can get spooked by the headlines and choose to stay inside. To “stay safe.” For decades.

The trick, perhaps, is to teach your ego how to follow the inspiration of your soul, real time. All day long.

It can take some extended effort to really trust your soul. There was a season where I did just that. I would ask myself only one question. Am I safe?

I was driving (alone) through the mountains during a severe winter storm and wanted to take a shortcut that would take a lot of time off the drive. There was a shortcut that required driving on some steeper roads than if I had taken the long route. Am I safe (to take the shortcut)? This reply was curious because it was all drawn out like … y …e … s… like there was some kind of caveat to it. OK. I trust that the outcome will be fine. It was icy. Really icy and the road was quite steep. I came over the hill and I could see cars off the road on both sides. I came to a stop. And there was a man on the road, who signaled me to proceed. I barely took my foot off the brake, and started creeping forward … perhaps 2 or 3 miles per hour. And here comes a car towards me. Yikes. I slowly push on the brake and the vehicle starts sliding … sideways. I ask WTF do I do now … turn left a tad and let off the brake… The vehicle straightens up and I proceed to the bottom.

I was driving my car down the highway, and my soul told me (intuitively) I had a (serious) problem … Am I safe (to keep going)? … Yes. So I finished my drive. The next time I got in the car and tried to start it, fire broke out in the engine compartment.

I was driving my car down the highway … see a pattern here ;- ), but this time it was a vintage car. With my kids in the car. At highway speeds. And the steering “popped.” And got a lot looser. The steering wheel had a lot more play in it. Am I safe (to keep going)? Yes …

The next day, I went out to the car and while it was parked in the garage, I turned the steering wheel hard. The steering let go completely. The steering wheel could spin around like a pinwheel. Les WTF!!! Why are you putting your kids at risk? Well, that’s the thing about trust. Trust. To trust. To really trust … is to make your choices based on that trust.

Les, why are you telling me this?

Is there chaos in the world? Are the ways we are getting our resources shifting around? Is there uncertainty in the collective? Well, that is the perfect time to listen. To listen to the wisdom of your soul. Today. This day. How are you going to build a solid connection with the wisdom of your soul, if you can’t trust what it is telling you? Really trust. Trust has the most value when the stakes are the highest.

I do know, quite clearly, that the circumstances I used to really learn how to trust myself could be seen as unnecessary. I totally get that. I could have played it “safe.” But playing it “safe” based on what we know from our past, as decided by our ego, will not provide the trust, and perhaps courage, to make the tough choices. The choices that tell us to take the road les(s) travelled. In other words, our soul can tell us to break from the collective mindset and to trust our own ability to navigate the changes before us now. Where we can come out the other side in much better shape than if we let the fear of our ego make panic decisions about what is perceived as uncertainty.

Your soul has you. If you can trust that.

Take the time to build that trust, at whatever level you choose to. It will serve you well in this karmic tsunami we are in.

Love You!



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