Don’t run with scissors … throw them … overhand

Life is a daring adventure

There is an inherent part of consciousness that wants to express. Over and over. Just look at nature. Never really done creating new expressions. The many types of flowers and their beautiful blossoms. Or all the creatures in the seas. Then there is … you.

As an aspect of nature, you have an inherent part of you that wants to express … more.

Sometimes we don’t really feel very fulfilled. We can get into a bit of a rut. Certainly, the last couple of years has had many people kind of stop their normal life and go into a holding pattern. There is so much change going on in the world outside of you. But there is a part of you, on the inside, that is not worried. The truth of you cannot be touched by human intentions. Your Soul knows this. No matter what … happens … you are safe.

We are at a pivot-point in our human story. We, as a collective, have surrendered our “normal,” and we stand here, at the doorstep of our future. To create a whole new paradigm for ourselves. This is not the time to retract and retreat, as much as it is a time of reflection, clarity and intention.

To reflect on our past. To identify what part(s) of the old normal didn’t serve us. Perhaps it is just how attached we are to huge systems that bring us resources from far away, just to maintain our normal daily lives. Gas prices and food prices are just the tip of the iceberg. What would be a better way? Perhaps where we get everything we need, as our fundamental resources, within a 50-mile radius? Instead of giant pyramid systems, more like a honeycomb of isolated, self-sustaining systems. Just like local farmers were the source of food for thousands of years. But as the farming industry, like many other industries, kept integrating ownership of the resources (land) to increase efficiency and thus profits, this created a very vulnerable aspect of life for the everyday citizens. How many households, or small businesses, are being squeezed by the rising gas prices? Perhaps to the point of collapse.

To gain the type of clarity, where we can see how some systems are much more resilient than others, let us ponder the fact that the U.S. was self-sufficient with gas/oil just a few years back. We actually exported fuel. The clarity to see what would serve us, in the sense that we are not dragged through the weeds, when huge pyramid systems jack the resources around. Either intentionally, for profit, or through political tugs-of-war(s). This type of clarity just didn’t exist so clearly back in 2019.

With the clarity that came through our reflection(s), it is time to (re)establish our intentions. What do we want? For ourselves, and thus our children too.

In order to make true, sustainable, peace on earth, it would serve us to establish self-sustaining communities all over the world. Of course, this is not the most profitable for big industries, and thus this will come about by the will of the people.

It is time to be bold. To trust our own inner knowing. At a deeper level, we have been here before. Our soul(s) know what needs to happen. And to bring that about is to trust ourselves.

To peace on earth, good will to all.

Love you!



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