Your SuperHero Cape in the Closet

The evolution of who you are

The curious thing about our spiritual evolution is that is it a returning of sorts. We were once there and now we are on our way back. In other words, we came from being enlightened, into the darkness, or shadow. And now we are on the return. The return to our truth. A return to our enlightenment. It is not that we are not enlightened now, because we are. We are always enlightened. We are always connected to our truth. You might not feel that enlightenment within you now. But it is there. Like a superhero cape tucked in the back of your closet.

I find it very curious that Western science tells us that we are only using 10 percent of our brains. And they also tell us that  90 percent of our DNA is junk. As if the “creator” of this brilliant vessel, our human bodies, created a masterpiece, and then added a bunch of junk. The similarities of unused portions of our brains and our DNA tell you something.

If you came here from another planet, having never seen a butterfly, and you did DNA research on caterpillars, what would you call the butterfly DNA? I mean, it doesn’t “fit” the physical form of the caterpillar body. Likewise, I suggest, that the “junk” DNA in our bodies is awaiting its own activation. Maybe that is where the realms of miracles live. You know what I mean. Jesus himself performed all these miracles, and told us that we too would perform miracles as well. I would be very curious to see the DNA comparison of Jesus’s DNA and that of our DNA today. Perhaps we would see a lot more of that “junk” DNA online. Maybe that DNA, the dormant DNA we have now, is where the mechanisms of miracles, in our physiology, await its activation.

So what is the activator? What will turn on the dormant genes?

Consciousness. The very vehicle of our karma. I suggest it will be the elevation in our consciousness that will be the activator. When we started out as enlightened souls, where we were conscious of our enlightenment, we were in the realm of miracles. Jesus took his friends over to the side, and turned his persona into L-I-G-H-T. In the LIGHT. Enlightenment. And from that LIGHT, all things were possible. As the bible said, in the beginning, was the Light. The source of all of creation. And (merely) by the WORD (thought), form was created (the universe). The mechanics of miracles itself.

I suggest this is what we are returning to. As we reawaken to the Divine Light within us now, we are returning to (pure) Source Consciousness. As Jesus said, “You are the Light of the World.”

As we cleanse our karma, from our personal energy personas, we are moving out of the shadows, out of the darkness. And returning to the Divine Light within us now.

It is God’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom. The Kingdom of Heaven within us … now.

… I sure quote Jesus a lot for not considering myself as “religious.”

Love You!



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