You cannot exhaust it. Go ahead and try. I’ll watch.

You cannot exhaust Your potential.

Has your relationship gone flat? Feeling uninspired? Bored? Tired of the chaos?

… which “relationship(s)” came to mind, when I didn’t put a context to the question? Was it with your spouse? Or perhaps your kids? Or maybe work has been difficult lately?

But what about your relationship with … You?

How similar will today be, compared to yesterday? Or, perhaps, compared to yesterday, and the day before. What I am getting at, is that we can easily fall into a norm. And one norm, after another, can make for a very unfulfilled life.

You have an infinite well of inspiration at your disposal … if you actually choose to tap into it. Nature, by its very nature, is never “done.” It is always there with another variation. Another new creation. You are that very same Nature, expressing itself. Until you are not (expressing yourself).

When was the last time you took on a creative project, where you didn’t know how you would actually get it done? In other words, where you weren’t “playing it safe.” Perhaps it was a painting, that you didn’t want to look too bad. So you kept it simple. Or perhaps, it was writing something, and you wanted to be sure not to offend the reader. Playing it safe. Keeping it safe. Making sure it wouldn’t turn out “bad.”

Normal will not fix anything. Normal, by its very nature, means more of the same. More of what we did yesterday, than what could make this day exceptional.

When we are in intimate relationships, and we are not growing our sense of self, we can reach a plateau. Where we lose the spark. The zing. The pleasure. One way to reignite that is to try something completely different, outside of the bedroom. Not sex in public, although that might do the trick. ;- ) but rather in creative ways to express ourselves. When we create, by tuning in, by getting out of our heads, we increase the flow of inspiration. And then add the spark of passion, where we get excited about what we are creating, and time seems to stop. We are creating something new. If you immerse in a passionate creation, letting the inspiration flow more and more, the new thing you are creating … is You. Your energy changes. You become more “electric.” There is a glow to passionate people.

Love is that way too. You cannot exhaust your Love. In fact, the more you give Love, the more of it you have. Love can be a little spooky. Some people have resigned the idea of Love. They have given up. Where their last relationship was too painful. With, perhaps, a nasty breakup. Ouch! I don’t want to feel THAT way ever again.

Love, itself, doesn’t hurt.

But when we don’t really love ourselves, and then allow ourselves to feel it from another, it can feel fantastic. And when that Love is withdrawn, and we collapse into the void of Love we have created for ourselves, well, it is that denial of love that brings the pain. Not the Love itself, but when we don’t allow our Love to include ourselves. When you learn how to love yourself, to completely and unconditionally Love yourself, then Love will not hurt anymore. That is when both partners show up, already IN Love. When that happens, the dynamic of a relationship becomes a thing of beauty. When Love is flowing from within each other, that Love can expand without end.

Love You! (repeat)



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