human nature


You cannot exhaust it. Go ahead and try. I’ll watch. You cannot exhaust Your potential. Has your relationship gone flat? Feeling uninspired? Bored? Tired of the chaos? … which “relationship(s)” came to mind, when I didn’t put a context to the question? Was it with your spouse? Or perhaps your kids? Or maybe work has been difficult lately? But what about your relationship with … You? How similar will today be, compared to yesterday? Or, perhaps, compared to yesterday, and the day before. What I am getting at, is that we can easily fall into a norm. And one norm, after another, can make for a very unfulfilled life. You have an infinite well of inspiration at your disposal … if you actually choose to tap into it. Nature, by its very nature, is never “done.” It is always there with another variation. Another new creation. You are that very…