Your Emotions evolve as You evolve There IS a promised land So … do you ever feel stuck? Kind of like … is this all there is? There is a thing about karma … a quagmire of sorts. As we, as timeless souls, load up our psyches with karma … everything slows down. You might even think of it kind of like temperature and water. Niagara Falls is a pretty impressive sight. So many tons of water, crashing on the rocks. But there are photographs of Niagara Falls frozen solid. An immense amount of power … frozen. Held “captive” by the cold temperature. That is kind of like our karma. Zap! Poof! Zang! Ka-Powee! When we completely cleanse our karma, out of our timeless persona, we will manifest in the moment. Jesus could manifest things out of thin air, in the moment. A very powerful persona. And he promised that…