The Elegance of Karma

Karma will always resolve itself

There is an elegance to karma that comes from its most beautiful “design.” Not sure just how it came about, but I am in awe of its most beautiful construct.

So let’s play around a bit and see if we can see the more subtle effects of karma.

Your ego, the one reading this sentence, has no consciousness of its own. None. It is powered by the consciousness of your Soul. If your Soul were to “disconnect” from your ego, your ego would cease to operate at all. It has nothing, of its own, to sustain itself.

“Evil” is dependent on the consciousness of the ego. And thus, it has no consciousness of its own either. It is the ego that gets us “off in the weeds.” In other words, evil personas are “running on” consciousness. Evil has no source of consciousness of its own. It is running on source consciousness. There is only one source of consciousness anywhere. And that would be “Source Consciousness,” or often called God.

In the beginning … was the Light. Source Consciousness that was a singularity. No here or there. No now or then. No this or that. The notion of Light without form. Form is another word for duality. In the beginning was the Light and it was without form. Without duality. In that first moment of creation, the Word came along and created form or duality. The duality was created from Source Consciousness. Both “sides” of duality were a reflection of the one Source Consciousness. This division into form was repeated, over and over again. Every single time, both sides of the division were a reflection of Source Consciousness. There is no consciousness “outside” of Source Consciousness. Source Consciousness, in its purest form, is Love. Love is powering the whole rodeo.

But if Love is the source of “all that is,” how come there is such evil? Indeed, Love is the fabric of all that is. But when it divides, it loses some of its power. Every time it divides, it loses some of its power. And here is the elegance of it all. So Jesus, who was the embodiment of Love, could manifest out of thin air. A very powerful narrative. But the “bad guys” could not. The “bad guys” have to use force. Force consumes power and cannot be sustained. In other words, the farther you get away from Love, the more energy it takes to do anything. Love, in its purest sense, is that Light. The farther away from Love you evolve, the more energy is needed to accomplish anything. If we go farther into the darkness, we have many forms of brutality. For example, war. War consumes immense amounts of energy. It takes a lot of energy to sustain a war.

In his book, “Power vs. Force”, Dr. David Hawkins describes this relationship. The farther away you get from Source Consciousness (God) the less “power” you have. The only source of true power is Love itself. Love, or Light, is the Source of all that is. I do recommend Dr. David Hawkins’ books. I have read them all. A very brilliant man.

God, with a big G, will never use its power to wipe out all evil that has ever existed. At least, not in one instant flash of brilliance. But Love will resolve all divisions of itself. Everything returns to Source. All things (eventually) return to Love. Eventually, in this case, is over billions and billions of years. Which is but a flash in the bigger temporal timeline of creation. We can be here for the human experience. All of our struggles are intended for us to learn about ourselves. Never in the history of history, has some glowing deity descended from the heavens and completely erased all suffering. We are in a classroom of sorts. Here on Earth, we are here to learn some of the toughest karmic lessons there are. And YOU are here too. Hmmm … imagine that. One of the most profound times in the history of humanity on this planet, and here you are. This is the most advanced class, perhaps in all the galaxy, that you could take. If you can incarnate on this planet, in all of its darkness, and find the Light within you, well then, you are a badass old Soul.

The further you go into the darkness, the more of your power is lost. Evil has to rely on force. And force doesn’t stand a change against Love. To reclaim your power, heal your relationship with Love. As you do this, you will restore your ability to perform “miracles.” As Jesus has promised. Evil will never conquer Love because evil has no consciousness of its own. It can’t sustain itself. It is a construct that is running on Source Consciousness. There will always be a moment when the force required to sustain the evil narrative collapses. The further you go into evil, the more you divide your sense of self. Just as that first moment of creation was a division of sorts, of Source Consciousness.

We chose to go this far into darkness, so we could discern and detect even the slightest forms of Love. That we may know everything about Love.

Love You!



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