World’s Largest Ball of Yarn

Don’t forget to EnJoy the Journey

The journey is the “reason.” There is no finish line.

We are here for the human experience. The experience of the journey. What does it feel like to … [Insert experience(s) here]. Even the “bad” ones. The “landscape” of this journey (called life) is how we feel. How we are experiencing our lives. It can be our emotions, or perhaps the awe of our ego seeing something that is overwhelmingly beautiful. The passion flowing through us as we engage our heart’s desires.

It can be a bit of a challenge to sharpen our focus when there is so much change going on in our lives and in the collective. There are times when we are actually shifting our own life-purpose in our life. I was a television engineer, and my heart told me to start writing books. Huh? Books?

Humanity, as a whole, is starting in a new direction. OK, well, that direction might not be obvious or clear right now. The “normal” narrative of the past has been released, and we are in the beginning phase of creating a new normal. The upheaval of our old narrative is just what needs to happen, so we can have the freedom of creating a new, improved “normal.” As Einstein said (paraphrasing) you cannot solve a problem, with the same thinking that created the problem. It would serve us well to dissolve the old thinking patterns that didn’t serve us. There is a bit of unravelling that would serve us very well. It isn’t always what our ego would want, to unravel our “normal.”

There is no finish line. It has taken, perhaps, billions of years for nature to create this planet. And there are billions of years before us now. We are entrenched in a timeless story, really. Incarnate, learn about life, karma, and love. Repeat. This narrative has been going on for the history of history itself. But when we can take a step back, step out of the human element of who we are, and look at the cycle of life(s), we can take this life for what it is. A chapter in the history of the journey of our soul. Whatever happens in this lifetime, is but a chapter of the overall book of life.

What would serve us well, and those that follow us in this cycle of life, is to get clear on what we would prefer to “see” (experience) along this journey.

What would you prefer to experience in this life of yours? What path would bring a deep sense of happiness, joy and delight to your heart, your soul and your ego? When I first got the inkling to write books, my ego wanted nothing of it. Write books? What the hell?

Your soul had a vision of your life before you were even born. Your soul saw this “transformation” of our human experience coming too. This gigantic shift in our human story. And it chose a purpose for you. I would suggest that you are at a crossroads of sorts. In that the collective narrative of humanity is going through deep changes, I would suggest it is quite possible for you to be at a personal crossroads of your own life or narrative. Not that it is happening for you right this moment. I got the inspiration to write books decades ago. But in hindsight, I see that it was for this chapter of our human experience.

The soul would prefer to have the experience(s). In other words, sometimes we climb out of struggle, and we find a “stable” narrative, for perhaps the first time in our life. We can want to “stay here.” We might want to stay in a comfortable narrative for ourselves. And certainly it can serve us to rest. But, at some point, the soul wants to experience more of life.

Sometimes opportunities can come your way that would allow a new experience. Host a radio show. Take up painting. Learn how to Dance Contra. Or perhaps learn how to cook. Some thing new. Experience some thing new. What (experience(s)) would grow you? What would challenge you to grow? Your age is none of your soul’s concern. You are consciousness now, and in every moment of your life. Regardless of your physical age. It is never too late to (re)blossom yourself.

Keep a pad of paper and a pen handy. Ask your soul, what would be some new experiences that would serve me well? And see what shows up in your own personal journey.

“World’s Largest Ball of Yarn” ~ 5 miles

Love You!



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