It gets easier … if you engage

You always have free will

I understand not everyone knows about snow skiing. But there is a bit of a dichotomy behind getting good at it. When you first put on the skis, you feel very clumsy. It is difficult to move around at all. And then add trying to go down even a small hill … the tendency is to lean back. Why would you lean forward when you feel like you have no control? Yet, that is when you gain control. The skiing becomes easier (eventually ;- ) once you learn to lean into it. Once you get the knack of it, you can easily ski wherever you want on the ski slope. The skis are designed in such a way that when you lean forward, that is when the ability to control where you are going gets much easier. But to learn that, and then to trust that, is the whole lesson behind learning to ski.

There is a process to changing your life. And it requires you to lean into it.

There is a bit of (karmic) momentum to life. Where you have a pretty consistent experience. We literally set ourselves up, when we are born into a particular family dynamic. The family we are raised in, literally programs us in how and what we think. The thing about the ego is how it uses symbols to operate. We are, though the nature of our egos, symbol processors. These words are symbols of sorts. And we apply a meaning to them. We are actually taught a meaning to them. And then we do something even more powerful … we attach a value to them. Love, Money, Religion, Sex, Joy, Happiness, Prosperity. Which one of those symbols has the most value? Whichever one you choose, reflects the value that you have assigned to it. The baseline of this dynamic is set up by our family of origin. It can serve you very well to contemplate the core values of that dynamic for you.

The “sang” of the ego is that it wants to know that it is safe. And it weighs all of its choices based on what has worked in the past. This does a few things. It creates a “narrow” narrative. In other words, you tend to have an arena of thoughts, very similar to the thoughts you had yesterday, and the day before, etc. You could call it a comfort zone or perhaps a comfort narrative.

It is done unto you as you believe. As YOU believe.

You might say, that your relationship with the process of creation, is a reflection of what you believe it to be. I think it was Henry Ford who said (paraphrasing), whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, in either case … you are right.

There is an energy to creation. An excitement. To lean into the process of creation, is to get excited and energized about what you want to create. And then to take action(s). The action part grounds the energy of the thoughts. Often we can start the creative process, and then have our egos default back into the old narrative, deflating the energy behind the new intentions. IT can take some effort to keep the ego focused on the new intentions. The process of getting excited can be amped up with joy. How would you enJOY the new manifestation? Daydream how wonderful it would be to have the new intentions manifest. This leaning into it, is the “normal” for folks who are master manifesters. To engage the process of creation.

There is another element involved. And that is your subconscious beliefs. If you have subconscious beliefs that you don’t deserve it. That you can’t do that. The subconscious can often have the final say and be the part that cancels out the intention. This subconscious mechanism is what is behind having a repetitive experience. When you hear of someone talking about their last three spouses. The last three guys/gals I have married have all abandoned me. I always get fired from my job(s) within the first two or three years. These types of repetitive cycles are the telltale sign of subconscious belief systems kicking in.

Engage your passions. Engage them. Push into the creative process. Whatever you want to manifest, engage the process. Sitting still, thinking about it will not always teach you about yourself. There is something that happens with flow. With taking actions on what you want to create. Your personality is a pliable thing. You can re-program yourself at all levels. But that re-programming comes through a repetitive intention for something new. It is common for folks to get discouraged. And settle for the way things are. Most people have a settled sense of life. There is nothing, per se, wrong with that. We are free to choose whatever we want. Sometimes we want to rest. We might need to rest. But everything in nature is in a cycle of sorts. Eventually the soul will seek out opportunities to grow.

Overall, in general, our soul wants to evolve and grow our sense of self. Our souls tend to prefer the opportunities that would grow us.

If you are struggling with a particular intention, and have had several setbacks, perhaps choose a simpler intention. Sometimes choosing an intention that doesn’t have an emotional charge to it can get the flow going. When we engage, and create flow, we get new information. Flow brings with it experience. And that new experience affords the ability to become more intuitive as well. Without flow you cannot hone your intuition. With flow, you can hone your intuition. Engaging affords growth at many levels.

… EnJoy the journey.

Love You



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