How Dare You?

Who do you think you are?

Somebody is getting too big for their britches.

You do not realize just how bad what you are doing is. Come on. Stop it now.

We all know what you are doing is wrong. So once again, tell me why you keep doing it.

Your Soul can dream in unimaginable realms. Are you going to be available, to walk in step with your soul, as the big dreams fulfill?

Or is the first barking dog going to shut you down?

You have a savior. Well, several excellent saviors. The wisdom is available. Follow Jesus. Follow Buddha. Follow whomever you wish, or follow your own heart and soul. That’s the one I’m down for. That’s the wake I suggest.

So, take a bold test. What is the biggest dream you can imagine for yourself? Now double it. And again. Repeat.

That is the cadence your ego would have to take, to catch up with what your soul is contriving in this moment.

As you wish. There are no requirements.

You ARE standing in front of an impartial mirror. That will gladly mirror your vision, from your Soul, right back to you, without effort or motive.

Dream as big as you want, and the (quantum) mirror will not be taxed one iota.

The mirror can show you galaxies without end. I promise, it can handle your biggest dreams.

Heal your relationship with Love, and then surrender to it, and you will be on your way to a most exceptional life. Certainly, on this planet.

Love You!



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