Connecting with your Higher Self

Your Ego doesn’t know it all

How is your life going? So far so good?

Perfect. Wait, what?

What if you answered that your life was not so good? Perhaps you feel like you have been through the proverbial ringer. Enough!

Life has a way about it. The sage and the psychopath are both swimming in the same “sea.” The same world. So what gives?

Nobody has the same karma as you do. Not the exact same karma. Your life path(s), through this lifetime and all the lifetimes before this one, has created … well … you.

The more I have studied this human experience, I have found that we have several core factors that contribute a lot to how we see ourselves. The ego, our emotions, and our Higher Self or Soul.

The first two, our ego and our emotions, are where most of us live. So many of us live in our head. We have this very familiar realm of thoughts. Day in and day out we are pretty much repeating the same narrative. A lot of that behavior has to do with our ego’s relationship, or attitude, towards our emotions. The polarity or stance we can have with our emotions contribute, perhaps, the vast majority of our experience(s). At least, until we discover our Higher Self. I would be remiss if I left the heart out of this, but in this blog, I will focus on our Higher Self.

Your Soul chose this lifetime for you. Your Soul chose your parents. It chose the environment of the home you were raised in. Whatever the main focus of that household was. What were the prominent beliefs and values of the household you were raised in? Was is centered around religion? Sports? Academics? Music? Etc. Or was it very skewed towards abuse, violence and pain? Or any other dynamic(s)?

All of it was by intention. Intention of your Soul.

I have done a lot of soul-searching about the course of my life, this life, lately. And certainly this life has been very tough. I have felt heartache, many times, heartache so powerful, it crushed me like a bug. WTF? Really, Soul? What were you thinking?

I, well, my ego at least, could easily drop into bitterness. And if you were to learn of my life-path, you might feel that the bitterness was warranted. But I have come to understand the “why.”

This is not my first rodeo (incarnation). Not by a longshot. As I have mentioned before, a calm sea can never produce a skilled sailor. And Earth, at this time, is a karmic tsunami. A storm of storms. The mother of all storms? What a perfect place to learn the most difficult aspects of being human. So many people, millions if not billions of people, are finding it very difficult to navigate these troubled waters. In other words, so many Souls chose this karmic tsunami as a perfect place to incarnate into, to learn perhaps the most advanced classes in Love.


Your Higher Self is Love. Love itself.

Wait, why would Love choose such a difficult narrative? Why would Love allow such a difficult and pain-full narrative? Love would do that to understand itself. Love, just pure Love, doesn’t have any struggles. What I mean by that is … imagine if you incarnated into a world where everyone was living in unconditional Love. There would be nothing to learn. No struggles to overcome. No challenges to test yourself against. No victories. No growth. You really couldn’t understand what IS possible, until you decided to leave that realm of unconditional Love.

In the beginning was the Light (Love). And it was without form. Without (a sense of) separation. Without polarity, difficulty or struggle. And God/Goddess chose to move into form. Into polarity. Into (the experience or illusion of feeling) separation. To better understand itself. And what we are experiencing on this planet, is a very extreme narrative of those simple principles.

When you can step back, and think of or imagine your Soul as a very advanced Soul, Earth is just the right place to learn such things. Earth is the place to come to take on a very challenging class on Love. Your ego might not agree, as far as all of this suffering being a “good” choice. Kind of like the Coast Guard taking you out into a strong hurricane, to teach you the ways of advanced sailing techniques. The waves are impersonal. The water is impersonal. The challenge is impersonal. It is You that has chosen to become an excellent sailor. Chosen to take on the big waves. The strong gale-force winds. The challenge of perhaps … a lifetime.

Don’t take any of this personally. At least not at the ego level. None of this can actually “do you in.” Not at the Soul level. In other words, the continuity of your life is assured. This is only a classroom. There are thousands of NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) that have shown us that the continuity of our consciousness is assured. In other words, our essence is safe. You are safe. No matter what, your essence is assured. All of these karmic lessons are just that. Lessons we chose to take. To master the art of being a human being.

The more you connect with and identify yourself as your Soul, the less personal all of these lessons become. You are just a very advanced Soul, taking a Master’s class in Love.

Love You!



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