The Calm within the Storm

The Winds of Change are Blowing. Time to adjust the sails.

Do you know where I can get my typewriter fixed? Typewriter? Is that a job title? What type of writer are you looking for?

If you are waiting for change to … well … stop changing … it might be a while.

Humanity is going through, perhaps, the most change in the history of history. If you imagine our history, just a few hundred years ago we didn’t have that much change, year to year. The Wright brothers took to the skies in 1903, creating what would eventually evolve, would eventually change, into the aviation industry we have today. And not that far down the proverbial timeline, Man walked on the Moon in 1969. And next month, the largest rocket ever created, will be taking its maiden launch. A rocket intended to help humanity colonize Mars.

But those things, those things, are not even in the realm of our own consciousness. Nobody needs to be told just how much our own consciousness has evolved, has changed, over the past few years. If you think about the idea of consciousness, evolution, enlightenment and such, these topics were on the fringe of society not that long ago. And now spirituality is experiencing a boom. Perhaps the Big Boom.

Let’s play with time a bit. So let’s say it is like the early 1800’s. You are living in, perhaps, Kansas City, Kansas. And, perhaps, you are a scientist studying any particular topic. And you wanted to share your ideas, and perhaps a few questions, with a colleague in London, UK. You would write your ideas and questions down on pieces of paper, and give them to a man on a horse. Who would carry said letter to the coast, where the letter would be loaded on a ship, to make its way across the ocean. Your letter wouldn’t even arrive until a week or three had passed. Not to mention the conundrum of how you even got to know a scientist in London in the 1800’s. In those weeks the letter took to arrive, you would have new ideas, and perhaps new questions. But you must wait. So, as a scientist, it was a very long, drawn-out process to share your ideas and to learn the ideas of others. And the population of the Earth was much less back then too. Not that many scientists on the planet.

Fast forward to today…

There are millions more scientists, studying many more subjects, with very powerful computers in their labs, and even homes. These scientists can pour themselves a cup of coffee, and by the time they reach the bottom of said cup of coffee, they can casually peruse libraries and research papers all over the world. They can watch countless videos online. Take classes. They can email scientists that were strangers, while the coffee is brewing, and they can even have live video chats with other scientists all over the world, sharing lab results, either as raw data, or as aggregated models that said computers computed that same day. They have access to decades of data that are available online. All from the comfort of their home, still in their pajamas. Not to mention the tools we can acquire like 3D printers, mass spectrometers and scientific instrumentation, all available to be purchased online … today. And delivered to your door from all over the world. Sweet Jesus … what a world we live in, eh?

Do you see how change is just getting started?

Again, we are not even talking about consciousness itself. Consciousness is the engine of this scientific momentum. AS we evolve our consciousness, we are entering realms of higher consciousness, not, per se, higher academics, but higher consciousness. What will happen as we activate the dormant parts of our brains? If we are, as science tells us we are, only using 10 – 15 percent of our brains, and we activate those dormant parts of our brains through the elevation our consciousness, well, what will the rate of change be then?

I know it can be a lot to take in. We can, perhaps, long for the “normal” days of 2019, before it all cracked (further) open.

But pay attention to yourself. Pay attention to how you feel. Are you stressed? Are you anxious? Are you worried for what may come?

Change is coming whether we want it to … or not.

But we do have control of ourselves. We do have control over what we put our attention on. We do have tools to help us deal with all the angst of all this change. Take the time to take care of you. Of your body. Of your diet. Both you mental diet and also your food diet. Take the time to center your consciousness, through meditation, yoga and or other forms of mental conditioning. Do this each and every day. TO put your consciousness, on … well … your consciousness, you are taking control of your experience of change. Deciding on what is important to you.

The change is inevitable, but how you experience said change … is a choice. Your choice. Choose well.

You are a timeless Soul, having a human experience. Nothing on earth can touch your Divine essence.

You are Safe. You are safe. You are safe.

Love You (today)



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