What would You prefer?

Draw your measure. Claim your good.

What do you want more of? What do you want to feel? What do you want to experience? What would you prefer?


The End

… if you could get clear about that, you would move towards that. Clarity is a decider of sorts. The more we can get clear about what we would prefer, the more we are focusing our consciousness on what we want. It is not that we are putting judgment on the opposite, but rather, shifting our attention to what we want. Well, maybe we are putting judgment on what we don’t want. You don’t want that!  ;- )

I was noodling the idea of posturing, several decades back. I was the Chief Engineer at a TV station. And I was also studying the idea of karma. There is the notion of posturing as an arena of karma. In other words, we create a “judgment” of a polarity, and by doing that we collapse the realm of possibilities. Sinner vs Saint. Cop vs Criminal. Hero vs Villain. Victim vs Aggressor. Polarities of possibilities. As the Chief Engineer, I decided I was posturing with the notion of being “right.” Don’t get me wrong, being right was very important. I mean, if I would choose the wrong frequency for the TV station, and perhaps broadcast it in the radio band, nobody could get the picture. In other words, I had to broadcast the right or correct frequency, for the TV sets in peoples homes to get the picture (signal).

I decided there had to be power in being wrong. For if indeed I was posturing with being “right,” there had to be a karmic consequence to such posturing. So, I decided to allow myself to be wrong. I was the boss. I was the leader of the department. So, during a department meeting I announced that I was wrong. I had made a mistake. What I had proposed would actually not work. The silence in the room was absolute. It was like I made a mistake or something. The next department meeting, I did it again. I openly admitted I was wrong about something. Well, after a few meetings, it was clear that I was making it OK to be wrong.  And if, as the boss, it was OK for me to make a mistake, it must be OK for the employees to be wrong too. Geez. What have I done? There was a moment of OMG, I let the cat out of the bag. But then it happened.

When I made it OK for the department employees to be wrong, it all shifted. So, I would open up the discussion for suggestions or ideas from the group. Before, when being right was the “correct” way, only the confident mavericks of the department would contribute to the discussion. And the majority of the department would not contribute to the conversation. But once I made it OK to be wrong, folks who had never chimed in … were saying something like … I don’t know if this would work, but could we try doing it this way? More and more folks started contributing to the conversation. They were putting some skin in the game so to speak. They were becoming involved personally in solving the problems of the department.

Morale skyrocketed. They would come in in the morning saying things like … I was thinking about it (the problem) last night, and I thought … What? They had never said that before. Thinking about the problems we were trying to solve, while they were at home? They took more pride in their ideas and their work. They felt appreciated more. Again, the morale of the department was elevated to new heights.

When we talk about the path to enlightenment, we can get stuck in judgment. I understand. Murder is “bad.” War is “bad.” Pain and suffering are “bad.” But God, with a big ‘G’, doesn’t posture. What did the burning bush say … “I am that I am.” Or the Bhagavad Gita, “As it is.” And then there is the Buddha, who said something like … All suffering comes from accepting … what is.

God is OK with it (all). How can we know the totality of what Love is, if we have never experienced what Love is not? We, collectively as Souls, chose to go into the darkness. Into the shadow. We chose to forget. And that choice is required to learn the nature of Love. The choice is how we learn about Love. How can we reject the lesson, and still want to know what the lesson would teach us? In other words, we, the people, of Earth, are learning the nature of Love, by moving all the way through the consequences of not choosing Love.  And now we are returning to Love.

Earth is going through a karmic tsunami of sorts. There are many choices being wrangled by the collective consciousness. Left vs Right. Liberal vs Conservative. We all must do … this. We all must not do that. A collective conversation. How do you vote in said conversation? What are you putting your attention on? Whatever you are putting your attention on … expands. Or continues in your thoughts. When you protest something you do not want, you are anchoring it into your next moment. It might seem foolish to “ignore” what you don’t want. You might feel that “we must stop this.” By putting your attention on what you prefer, you are anchoring it in your consciousness, and thus contributing to the collective preferences. As you get clear about what you prefer, it becomes easier to recognize which choices will move you close toward what you do want. Remember, here on Earth we all have free will. As it is. Free will for all.

I choose Love … oh, and chocolate!

Love You!



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