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Merry Christ Consciousness The return of the Christ (Consciousness) First things first… Wishing You and Yours a very Merry Christmas! We are (literally) living in new times. December 21, 2020 was the end of one precession of the equinox, and the beginning of a new equinox. A precession of an equinox is an (approximately) 25,000-year cycle, which is the amount of time the Earth/Solar System takes to complete one cycle around our galaxy. So, as of this past Monday, we are living in “new times.” With this transition, from the last precession into this new one, we are entering a new realm of space. As all cycles of nature include a compression of sorts, followed by an expansion of sorts, we have now entered a new cycle of expansion. This is really good news. A rising tide lifts all boats. This new expansive cycle will promote an expansion within ourselves.…