Merry Christ Consciousness

The return of the Christ (Consciousness)

First things first…
Wishing You and Yours a very Merry Christmas!

We are (literally) living in new times. December 21, 2020 was the end of one precession of the equinox, and the beginning of a new equinox. A precession of an equinox is an (approximately) 25,000-year cycle, which is the amount of time the Earth/Solar System takes to complete one cycle around our galaxy. So, as of this past Monday, we are living in “new times.”

With this transition, from the last precession into this new one, we are entering a new realm of space. As all cycles of nature include a compression of sorts, followed by an expansion of sorts, we have now entered a new cycle of expansion. This is really good news.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

This new expansive cycle will promote an expansion within ourselves. WE are all being “boosted” by the new cosmic energies. We have literally entered the Dawn of the New Age. The Age of Aquarius.

So, what is different? What makes this different?

You and me. Us. The individual. The Human BEing.

In the past, our society and our culture were based on institutions. The metaphor of the wheel is as good of an example as needed. In the past, there were the institutions at the center, or hub of the wheel. And the human beings were the spokes. Where the hub went, so did the spokes (humans).

These institutions had many faces. Governments, Religions, Kingdoms, and such. Where we were part of a whole. And the whole decided what happened to the parts. Religions would tell us how we needed to be to be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. They told us God is outside of us and will judge us to decide if we can enter Heaven. We would go to Heaven, implying that it was outside of us, if we were found worthy in the judgment of a God outside of us. And we would not go to Heaven, but rather, go to Hell, if found not worthy. The governments too had proclamations that decided our fate. The individual was a spoke on all of these “institutional” wheels.

But the New Age changes all of this. Not necessarily overnight, but certainly in the the new narrative that is arising from within ourselves.

The New Human becomes the hub. The sovereignty of the individual becomes the guiding factor of what is to be. The Kingdom of Heaven lies within the human being. Within ALL of life, really. There is no location outside of us that is to be called Heaven. There is no institution or agency that can offer us anything as it relates to our entry into Heaven. In other words, no religion, government or institution can provide us any advantage to Heaven. Heaven is an inside job. To get “closer” to God is always to move deeper within ourselves.

You will not add something to yourself to make you more enlightened. Your enlightenment has been full and complete in every moment of eternity. Enlightenment is a (re)discovery of our Divinity. We surrendered our awareness of our own enlightenment to travel into the darkness. And now the New Age, this New Era that we have entered, is there for us to (re)discover our Divinity once again. At a very deep level.

Jesus said, You will do everything that I have done … and even more.

Christ Consciousness is the Enlightened Self, the Divine Self, at the core of you now. That innermost Light. That “point of entry,” if you will, where Source Consciousness eternally flows in you, as you, through you. As the expression of You.

Thrust in your sickle. Claim your Divinity. It is God’s good pleasure to give You the Kingdom of Heaven. You will find it within You now.

It is your birthright.

Love to You on this day!



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