We have all the help we need…
if we ask for it

You do know that the Souls incarnate on Earth right now are the brave ones. And Yes … that would be YOU!

We set ourselves up. We consciously chose to do this. To do the epic thing. Epic is putting it mildly.

Earth is at a crossroads. We are in a very large transition. A transition of a very long narrative. The planet is filled with every kind of intention. Karmically, the whole spectrum of human archetypes are here in one global soup of sorts. And paradigms anchored in fear, fear change. In other words, there will be a bit of a power grab. Whenever old systems start to go through a metamorphosis of sorts, there are those that step up and lobby for a bigger piece of the pie.

The heart of humanity is calling out for a better paradigm. A more authentic and harmonious paradigm. And it will be the Dreamers that do it. That bring a NEW vision of Earth into form. A vision that our ancestors have dreamt of, over eons of struggle and suffering. And here you are.

There is new archetype of sorts. A new archetype that is being birthed, rooted in the desires of the heart of humanity. And your heart is one and the same. When you tune IN to the desires of your heart, you tap into the new paradigm. The new paradigm is anchored in personal sovereignty. In a new sense of personal dominion. From the Soul-level.

The idea of Heaven on Earth is the notion of every single expression of life having complete and total sovereignty to express itself as it so chooses. This is based on fierce free agency. Total freedom to create a consciousness as one so chooses. We got off the path, so to speak, when we left our hearts and set up home in our minds/egos.

You could say that the suffering of the world has been based in ego overdose. Where the fear of lack, has created greed. The fear of feeling powerless, has created those hungry to hoard power. For a false sense of security.

But now… now… our hearts have been able to heal our own egos. There are millions of egos that want to live from the heart. Egos that have stepped aside, and surrendered the daily agenda to the desires of our hearts. And perhaps, you are one of them.

The power of human consciousness is being rediscovered. The process of creation, a Divine right, is being mastered by those who seek a new story. Those of us that WANT the will of our hearts to have a committed vehicle to create. To create a more authentic story for our future.

Chances are good, your life-purpose is the trajectory your Soul designed for you to fulfill. Your life-purpose is where you will find your heart opening up. And a very deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction will fill your Soul. Each and every day you walk that path.

Don’t wait to ask for help. We set ourselves up to have Divine guidance. We set ourselves up to have higher consciousness available to show us our true power. To show us our Divine potentials. As we ask for guidance, and allow that guidance to show us how to heal ourselves, we enter a new arena. The Midas Touch. Where we know, and trust, our ability to create as we so choose. Where we clarify the vision of Heaven on Earth and set out to create it.

When you set your intentions to be shown, and ask for help through prayer or spoken intentions, the higher realms smile and deliver. You have to take actions after the request goes in. But it will always be answered. You, yes you, become the vessel for the Divine intentions for Humanity. How Epic is THAT! WE are the brave Souls that said … I will go. I will incarnate in the karmic tsunami. I will be one of the carriers of Light for Humanity.

It was you all along… The Divine vessel intended to bring about the creating of Heaven on Earth.

Love You!



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