Healing our relationship with Love

The notion of Love, in a general sense, can bring all sorts of reactions. There are those that cringe at the thought of giving Love another go. There are those that see Love as a romantic relationship. There is an arena of Love, often experienced through the practice of Tantra, that might be thought of as a deep communion with another. And, perhaps, Divine Love. And then there is tough Love. And I am sure many other way to experience Love.

But which Love is the real deal? What is the essence of Love? Love has so many faces. Love has so many arenas of expression.

If you study the teachings of the Enlightened Ones … you might conclude that Love is actually the fabric of all-that-is. The fabric of the universe itself. That Love itself is Source Consciousness, Prime Creator, or God with a big G.

Love is a very powerful thing. I would suggest that Love is the cure for every dis-ease. Yet if Love is so power-full, why do we have pain and suffering? Why doesn’t Love step up and clean it all up? Well … it can.

Unconditional Love is a curious concept to consider. Love without condition.

Source Consciousness (Love) surrendered itself to separation. In the first moment of creation … Source Consciousness moved from a non-local presence into the arena of duality. It divided itself. The beginning of creation itself. You might call it the original sin.

Karma is created in separation. To posture or polarize oneself with what is. Enter eons of time. Layer after layer of separation. And here we are. Living in a collective consciousness of separation and judgment. All of it … Love expressed.

The hero and the villain are Love expressing itself. There is nothing outside of Love. Wait … What?

The villain is Love expressing itself? Well … yes.

Love decided a long time ago to let go of its connection with itself. In other words, Source Consciousness (Love) decided to enter another layer of darkness (separation). And in that darkness, there was no perceivable connection with the truth. A very bold place for Source Consciousness to go.

Enter the ego. Separated from the truth, the ego set out to create what it desired by manipulating matter. By striving to arrange the physical world into something that might give it a sense of fulfillment. Again, add a few eons of time, and we have war, bondage, slavery and every manner of suffering.

And finally, our Souls have chosen to … Return to Love.

Do you understand the massive opportunity this affords you? The Power of Love awaits your embodiment of it. In order for the Power of Love to express itself in its fullness … there must be contrast. There must be a difference of consciousness. And on THIS planet … that contrast is very profound. The perfect setting for a Soul to bring into the karmic tsunami … Unconditional Love.

But only through a physical body. You have to be a Human BEing on this planet to have the full effect of Unconditional Love to express itself. Unconditional Love is the consciousness behind seeming miracles. Jesus had that Love and the physical arena transformed itself in His presence. And He said you would do everything he has done … and more.

Heal your relationship with Love. Learn how to Love … all that is … just as it is right now. Without condition or motive. And the laws of the universe will soften. And the potential outcomes of the moment will surrender to the intentions of your Love. Unconditional Love will bring everything incongruent with itself up to the surface so that you may heal it. By Loving it just as it is. Can you be that Lover?

Love You!



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