The Next Chapter of Our Human Story

Are you one of them? One of the millions of Souls who will embody their own Divine potentials? What was the intention of your Soul for this incarnation?

The mechanics of Divinity are becoming very common. In other words, there are thousands of awakened people who are explaining the many paths to enlightenment. And perhaps even more intriguing, the power of intention and manifestation. How to create a NEW reality.

There is a process or strategy that makes massive change much more manageable.

Lets use carbon fuels as an example. If we were to focus on the problem, and perhaps protest the many ways that fossil fuels are damaging our planet, we would be risking a lot. In other words, if we were to focus exclusively on what is wrong, we would be setting ourselves up for real problems. Say that we were “successful” and we end the manufacturing of fossil fuels overnight. And then … all vehicles become obsolete. No ambulances to save the injured. No air travel to negotiate peace treaties. Factories would lose their workforce overnight.


Fighting the “bad” is a great way to create a vacuum.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ~ Buckminster Fuller

We certainly have hell on Earth. There is plenty of suffering that is happening on the planet today. This day. Right now.

But let’s not fight hell. But rather, let’s create Heaven. Embody Heaven. Live in Heaven today. This day. Both Heaven and Hell exist as possibilities that can be experienced today. This day.

There are billions of people who still depend on the existing archaic systems. These systems are not in harmony with Heaven on Earth. We cannot continue to pollute the planet with fossil fuels and expect our future to be better than today. So let’s daydream. Let’s pray for a vision of what might be. And then listen for the answer. What would heaven look like? Creating alternatives is the power play. Inventing NEW possibilities. Electric cars? By making electric cars by the millions, we will replace the existing fossil fuel systems. Making a much more graceful shift from an old paradigm to a new paradigm.

God/Goddess will not descend from the heavens to open up electric car factories. But God/Goddess will inspire human beings, like you, to create the new paradigms.

All answers to our prayers are action items for human beings. We are here for the human experience.

Awaken the inner sage, mystic or alchemist in YOU! You are the thing itself. Source Consciousness incarnate. All answers to our human condition will be made manifest through flesh and bones. Your Soul chose your life-path with an intention for you. A life-purpose for you. Look there for the best possible life-path for yourself. And teach your ego how to fulfill the inspiration from within you now.

Love to you on this day…



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