Assume that whatever you Dream will come true

Where are we going? Where will we end up? Assuming there was an end …

Humanity is going through some very big changes. There is an upheaval of sorts going on. The collective consciousness is redefining itself. And what will it become? What will the collective consciousness embrace?

There is a journey, of sorts, for all of us. The journey of our Soul. We, as individual Souls, chose to go into the shadow. We chose to load ourselves up with karma, until we couldn’t recognize the truth within us. We disconnected so completely from our truth, that we thought ourselves mere mortals. But your Soul is actually timeless.

The journey back to our truth, to our wholeness, is the journey back to our own Divine potentials. To our powerful personas. Not powerful like one seeking dominance over another. That is the paradigm(s) we are leaving. But powerful Souls who remember how to create. How to intentionally create whatever it is we choose to. We are Source Consciousness incarnate. We are Creators incarnate. And as we heal ourselves from the past, we can just assume that we will remember how to create whatever it is we want. Since we are timeless, it will happen. There is no question to that. But when it will happen depends on us. Our intentions to remember will decide if it happens, or not, in this lifetime.

So then, to assume we will make this remembrance happen, what will we be creating for ourselves? What WOULD heaven look like? What type of a life would we want to be living? It is done unto us as we believe. What do we believe we can create? What do we believe we deserve?

As the collective goes through this very important upheaval, there are very intentional folks among us, who will be intentionally creating what they want to happen. And not all of them have heaven in mind. Not all of them want us to really remember who we actually are. There is nothing to be afraid of. But there is something to be aware of. If we are to have what we want, and for this discussion I am assuming (ass-u-me … I know 😉 that we want Heaven on Earth. That we want what the Founding Fathers of the United States of America had in mind when they wrote the constitution. That all of us are entitled to true freedom. To a sense of dominion over ourselves. That we would not be tethered by our institutions of any kind. A very, very powerful proclamation for humanity itself.

In the recalibration of the collective consciousness, I suggest that we would do very well for ourselves to anchor those principles into OUR desires. Into the core intentions of what we will intentionally create for ourselves.

Consciousness, and more specifically human consciousness, is a very powerful substance. To assume that we will have what we intend, is to cast a vision for ourselves. A vision of the future that we truly desire. To get clear about what it is that YOU want is a very powerful thing to do. If we do not have any intention for our future, somebody else’s intentions will have more prominence than those who are passive. Your Soul is seeking to re-embody your truth. And that does include your unbridled freedom. Even though you might not believe it possible from your perspective at this time, know that your beliefs will change as you evolve your consciousness. As you learn to re-embody your higher self.

I suggest it would serve you very well to take the time to daydream what heaven would look like … for you. To consciously create the vision for your future. And hone that vision until you can get truly excited about it. Nobody, but nobody, needs to approve it. For you are the creator of your experience. It is done unto as you believe.

For myself, I believe I will have Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Abundance, Freedom, Liberty, Adventure, Inspirations, Passionate Expressions … and more (for Les ;- )

Love to you on this day of our time…



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