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Revealing Your Divine Potential

Revealing Your Divine Potential As an infinite BEing … What’s possible for YOU? What would heaven look like for you? What would your life look like, if you had the power to create whatever you wanted? Certainly this can seem like wishful thinking. Kind of a mantra

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Giant Baby Steps

Awakening the Giant in You Who are You? Why are you here? Where are you going? When we take a look at the common stories in our human history, we can see a trend of a relatively slow personal evolution. When we would go through an entire

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Giving Thanks

Taking the time to stop and appreciate who we are today Who are You? Why are You here? What are You here to be? Sometimes on our spiritual journey, we always have the future in our sights. Sure enough, that is a good way to be conscious

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Grow Your Sense of Self

Who do You think you are? We had a lot to give up. As very powerful souls, we had to let go of a large portion of our potential in order to have the experience of feeling the darkest of the dark. You couldn’t play out any

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Old Souls, New Humans

Playing our roles in this BIG Event For many of us in this group, we are the old Souls. If you are on this mailing list, chances are very good that you are interested in a much bigger picture of what is going on. You are an

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Peace Love Joy

What’s in your heart? We have gone to the very edge of darkness. And now we are on the journey back home. The return to Love. What will we feel when we re-discover this Love? To the ego it feels like joy and ecstatic delight. Tears flowing down

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Today is the Day

Master the Art of Living in This Day Here we are, living yet another day. Are you feeling satisfied with your life? Do you feel love in your life? Or are you perhaps waiting for something to happen or change? It will only be during today, this

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Live, Laugh, Love

You are here for the Human experience Now I am going to go out on a limb here. I am pretty sure you woke up this morning. And chances are good that you are conscious enough to read sentences. And if I asked you how many dogs you

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The Actor and the Act

Who is this “You” that is reading this? Nice to meet you. Who is it that I am talking to? Who are you? Who are you over a span of time? What if you were to imagine yourself(s) gathered at a table. Can you picture 4 or

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The Last Mile is All YOU

Heaven awaits your arrival The journey home can seem like a myth. Every day we find ourselves living out a familiar story. Our sense of self is intact as we manage those elements of our lives, trying to create a deeper understanding of who we really are.

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