Awakening the Giant in You

Who are You? Why are you here? Where are you going?

When we take a look at the common stories in our human history, we can see a trend of a relatively slow personal evolution. When we would go through an entire lifetime and not have much change in the level of our own personal consciousness.

It is the idea that you are born into a genre, and you die in the same genre. Born blue collar, die blue collar. There is no wrong here. And your journey might not be about genres either. Also, I am not talking about personal evolution as some kind of a race, or that anything specifically is required of you. Because it isn’t. You are free. Totally free to choose as you prefer. And there is no value to try to force your evolution. In fact, I would suggest that there is something to be lost if you try to evolve too quickly.

Yet on the flip side of that mentality is the idea of struggle or suffering. If you are feeling beaten down and at your wits’ end, then today would be a grand time to evolve. And to get clear about how to do that just might accelerate your end of suffering.

We are here for the journey. There is not a single day that holds any lasting sense of accomplishment. For you have been going through this thing called life for a very, very long time.

But there IS a value to understanding the evolution of the soul. Your soul. Your soul chose the karmic lessons for you to master in this lifetime. There are specific aspects of karma that are perhaps front and center in your life now.

Take a step back. And perhaps another step back. Expand the view of who you are. Who were you in your last several lifetimes? What were the karmic lessons then? Are there residual lessons to learn in this lifetime? Taking a step or two back can give us a bigger picture of the map. The soul’s map of our journey into and out of karma.

We can get clues about what we are here to learn. When you were born, you were void. The void was of any sense of an ego. And your family of origin taught you. Taught you words and language. The symbols of thoughts. The “fuel” of the mind. Your family of origin taught you about symbols and the values to assign to them. What were the most prominent values associated with? What behaviors were the most coveted?

For myself, I was to “make myself righteous in the eyes of God.” When I focused on the religion of the day, I was found in favor in my family dynamics. Yet later in my life, I would go rogue, and then I fell out of grace in my family values. Yet that is where I learned the most about compassion and forgiveness.

Your soul is a timeless persona. Your soul transcends ANY human condition or struggle. Your soul might play out every symbol and every value over the journey into the darkness, and then the return to Light. Yet it is often our ego that decides if we actually get around to consciously GROWING ourselves in this lifetime. Our ego sets the pace. And if our ego isn’t thinking on a galactic scale, then our progress can be stagnant and sporadic. Like a housefly flying around in circles.

You are a Giant when it comes to your Divine potential. You ARE the creator incarnate. I suggest, perhaps, that this lifetime is about orientations and choices. Orientation as it relates to the scale of human consciousness. Developing an understanding of the nature of karma and personal power. Becoming more conscious about just what the journey of the soul really is. Understanding the power of the Light and the karmic weight of our past. And then, consciously choosing what it is you want to master about your life.

What would serve you the most to understand and master about yourself over the next several years? Are there prominent emotions that are driving you? Are their out-of-date beliefs that no longer serve you? How about mastering the art of forgiveness and compassion? By getting clear about that, you are giving a sense of intentional direction to your own ego. As to what to pay attention to. What to learn about. And what to master.

Celebrate today. Learn to EnJoy the journey. You will make it back home. There is no other outcome. There is nothing on this earth that can sway your truth. You are safe. And you are very deeply Loved.

Love You!



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