What would You prefer?

Is God behind the curtain creating the future for us? Are we simply the folks that watch it happen? Where is the Divine in the planning of the future? When will God get it right? Plenty of prayers are laying around, and if God would act on JUST ONE prayer, we would be out of the woods.

There are plenty of ideas about the future. Here in the United States, the changing of our President has created so much change going on in many different arenas. For many people, the direction(s) we are going have plenty for them to be concerned about. Certainly, it can seem like we are headed in the wrong direction. When will this storyline turn around?

Enter God. Cue God … Now would be good …crickets … Where the hell is God? I thought we had him locked in. What is to happen if God won’t do the magic stuff? Is God out of wifi range? Did our prayers end up in a spam filter?

It would be really nice if we could just bring some sanity to our collective storyline. Now would be good. Like today. How is it that the Divine can swoop in and change our story?

Enter You. You. What do You prefer? How would you prefer to see the future? Is it clear in your mind? Are there images that you have thought about a million times over that are reoccurring in your mind now? Have you actually spent the time to get clear about what you want the future to look like? For You are the face of God. You are a point of presence, of the Divine. The Divine shows up with a human face. A human story. And a human wish. A wish that IS the seed for creation with which to create. The human storyline that is playing out is the result of our past thoughts, intentions, beliefs and feelings.

Your MOST POWERFUL vote for the future is the energy of the vision that you hold for humanity. Are you conscious of that? How does the vision you have about the future feel to you? Is there peace? Are people living in happiness, prosperity and love?

Each of us has an overall vibe. Perhaps you get up in the morning and meditate and re-affirm your affirmations. And then perhaps, by mid-morning, you are swamped at work, or feeling stressed and anxious. When we look at our karmic history that has brought us up to this moment, we can see some core karmic lessons that our soul had in mind for us in this lifetime. If you are reading this newsletter, I suggest you are here to not only graduate from your karmic lessons, but to also then proceed to master the art of creation. Creation of the life you would love to live. The very reason the entire universe exists. You are it. WE are it. Creation has happened to afford us this human experience. You are the face of God. You are the vessel in which that Divine Love can show up, answering the prayers of our forefathers and foremothers. If you can embody the energetic vibe of Heaven, is shall be yours … today.

The universe does not have an endgame. There isn’t a completion date. There isn’t a time more important than THIS now. Now. Right now. You are experiencing BEing human right now. You are the Divine mind observing itself on this galactic holodeck of God consciousness. Thrust in Your sickle. Dream your BEST Dream. You are the face of God creating the universe as it will exist in the future. So what will it be? God won’t tell you. She wouldn’t do that. For you are the God that is driving this storyline. You are the face of the creator that is creating the future right now.

You energy, your inner chi, IS the script that is seeding the field of creation. It is done unto you as YOU believe. To get your own personal energy persona into alignment with what you want to experience in the future, is to consciously create the future. Energy is the root conversation that all other forms of consciousness use to convey the creation process. Learn about your own personal energy persona. It is the energy of your past, showing up in this present. Clean up the energy that no longer resonates with your preferred idea of the future. Forgiveness and compassion can help you.

May the ocean of Divine Love within you, find expression through You.

Love You

Les Jensen


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