We need the Goddesses to lead the way.

We have done the masculine thing, every flavor that there is, or so it seems. It is time now to to let go of the reins. To let go of the masculine flavor of control. And THAT can seem really scary to some. I mean really, everything we see in this moment now is the result of the masculine. And what we see tells our ego mind where we are, along with a general sense of where we are going. Our eyes can only see the past, showing up in this present.

Enter Goddess. Sound the trumpets. Sing the praises. Call all the Glory. Hear the Angels sing, as tears roll down their cheeks. The day has come. The Goddess has awakened. Humanity is at the doorway of Heaven (returning) to Earth.

The subtle glimmer of the Light emanates through the silky white cloth. The purity of their Hearts gives thanks to all that is.

Boy, that sounds a little out there. But how can we ever know the truth, unless we let ourselves go to where the truth is.

What the Goddess brings is a new paradigm. A new direction. And it will be what brings a balance back to our collective story too. The Goddess comes from the unknown. You cannot see the unknown in this moment. Or any other moment. And to the western analytical mind, the unknown can represent a death of sorts. Death of what things were. Death of the past. To trust the unknown is the great leap of faith. Yet, it is the point of true power too. The masculine mind uses the map of “what is” to chart, to plan, to derive, and to rationalize the next steps. The realm of the masculine is seated in “what is.” What is already there. What has worked in the past. What gave us success in the past.

But the Goddess needs none of that. The orientation of the Divine Feminine is located within. In no particular spot, but within herself. The true Goddess has healed her heart. Completely. Completely. The purity of the heart is what affords the true power. From the desire of the pure heart comes an unbiased prayer. An unbiased wish for what is to be. Not even a whisper of it can be seen in the moments before. The Goddess goes into the void of the unknown. Goes into the abyss of all that can be, and returns with the answer to the prayer(s) of the tribe. The energetic seed of the future. And then hands it off to the pure-hearted masculine to bring it into effect.

The feminine  has been scarred. The scars of the past have skewed the ability to be pure and unbiased. The masculine has been very threatened by the feminine. The masculine leaders of the past could not see themselves remaining in their place of comfort and control if the Divinity of the feminine were to be embraced. The masculine needs to understand that the only way for grace to return to the collective is for the attributes of the feminine to have sway in what is to be. Goddess? It is time.

Neither masculine nor feminine can be completely in their power without the other. The feminine needs the masculine to actually have results, and the masculine needs the feminine to create new ideas. By its very nature, masculine is anchored in form. And feminine is formless. So the creation process requires both the masculine and feminine attributes to complete the creation process. And when the masculine and the feminine have healed the scars of the past, and come together in co-union, then, then Love has its way.

Heal the masculine and the feminine in You. And You will know Love.

Love You

Les Jensen



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