Find the Christ consciousness within you

The Christmas Holiday is upon us. The holiday is typically celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. When we think of Jesus, we have a living example of what is possible in our human story. Jesus Christ told us that we would be doing EVERYTHING he has done, and even more. If we think of our own Divinity, we can recognize that we all have the Divine spark within us. The consciousness you are “using” right now, to understand this sentence, is God consciousness. Jesus had total access to his inner Divine wisdom and power. And he performed miracles. And so too, will you.

If we were to think of the metaphor of going to school, then Jesus would have been the first “A” student, with perhaps a 4.0 (excellent) grade point average. If we can image all of us in a gigantic classroom, taking the test of life itself, then Jesus is the first student to stand up and turn in his test and pass it. But perhaps the tragedy surrounding Christ is that so many of us have stopped studying ourselves in order to master the art of miracles and such things, and set ourselves to worshipping the first “A” student. Jesus doesn’t want to take your test for you, or live your life for you. Nor does he want to make ANY of your decisions. Don’t get me wrong. He is here to help. Jesus has so much Love for you. Ask for his help and he will be there for you. Certainly. Yes.

But, he is only there until you can stand on your own, owning the fact that everything that you require to perform miracles is already in you. You ARE the same Divinity as Jesus was, and still is. So you are totally vetted. You are preapproved to be the next “A” student. Study up. Master the art of living. Know what karma, Love and power have to do with each other. Pass the test. Find that inner Divine spark and let it shine in you, as you. Master the art of miracles. Heal the sick. Or whatever the hell your heart and soul are motivated to do as you. Be authentically YOU. As YOU prefer. Jesus was authentic to himself. You be authentic to who you are.

I wanted to take this moment and say to you that it is my pleasure to spend this exchange of consciousness with you. I see you living an authentic and fulfilling life, as you express your own unique and authentic Self. Kick some ass please. Own your Divine power. Learn to Love unconditionally, and the Christ consciousness within You will express itself for others to see.

Wishing You a very merry Christmas!

Love and Light

Les Jensen


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