It is your Soul, trying to inspire You.

There was a plan for your life from the very beginning.

What is the BEST dream you can Dream? What does it look like, when you see yourself actually living it out?

You are on your way to the airport. But there is one stop to be made along the way. You have something you are going to set into motion now. You walk through the large wooden doors. Everyone in the room is smiling. They have all looked forward to today.

Once the ink dries, a thousand forklifts will start setting the vision into motion. Materials that will be used to build the vision. A project that will touch the four corners of the earth. And it all came to you one day, many moons ago.

And today, this day, it starts getting created by your hand. You sit down and sign the contracts you have been working on for a while now. Your platform is a well-oiled machine. You are on your way to take some time off, on a remote beach with a fabulous view, and the smell of a crisp ocean breeze.

What is it going to be? There is no right or wrong here. As You wish. Ask, and it is given. Take it! Make it! Make it happen. Pure Authentic You.

Who are you here to be? What are your passions? How much time do you actually spend fulfilling your passions? Don’t tell me, tell you. What do you prefer? Are you clear about what you preferences look like?

Your Soul knows what is possible for your life. Your karma has attracted a band of Soul mates. Here to co-create with You. Shall we dream big? Shall we live large? For I know even if our grandest dreams come true, we will have just scratched our true potential. Fulfill your potential in the ways that bring you Joy. And take another step forward, as you fulfill the vision of your Soul. You are here to do just that!

Thank you 2016 for showing us all of our postures and preferences. I release all that was. And I stand free, to create as I prefer. Hello 2017! I welcome you as the canvas of time that Love chooses to express through me, as me. I accept all the Love the universe has to offer me.

Love, play it on me.  ~ The Who

Love You, I Do.

Les Jensen


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