Bring your Soul front and center in your everyday life.

Why are you here? Tell yourself the answer before you continue. Please.

The simple fact that you exist means there is a Divine idea of You. The first part of your soul’s purpose is fulfilled just by your sheer existence.

And part two. Well, there is a LOT of wiggle-room to part two. There are many perspectives we can take regarding the meaning of your life. The idea of karmic lessons. Then there is the idea that you are the face of the Divine. That God creates through the personification of the Divine. Which describes you to a T. You are God-consciousness making choices. You are the creator, the one from the beginning of all time, personified as you.

Once you clean up your ego and karma, the only consciousness left is Divinity itself. (Your ego and karma are Divine too, that “we are all One” hologram thingy revealed.) This is to consider that the inspirations and desires that come from your heart and soul are God manifesting the next steps of creation. Creation has no end. There are trillions and trillions of planets, and thus cultures and creatures, playing out the very same role as You. Yes, You.

If God were intending to create one specific outcome, She would have dreamt it in the very first moment of creation. (Creation starts in the Feminine.) You ARE the face of the Divine. Creating as the impulse directs. To become more and more conscious of this is the trick. Often, we can be met with circumstances and people who trigger our unresolved karma. And then we default into a karmic re-action. Re-action. Trigger that patterned karmic response. Nothing new coming out of that. More of the same please.

Our karma is energy within our own psyche that is sensitive to our environment. Our karmic energy decides what we are karmically connected to. The sort of events and situations outside of us that “upsets” our feelings. That is why our emotions are clues. The emotions we feel, as re-actions, show us the unresolved aspects of our own subconsciousness.  And the really cool part of that is that once we have cleaned out our karma, we are free from effect from the environment we are in.  When we can stand in the storm of life, and keep our thoughts and feelings in unconditional Love for all that is, as it is, then we become the transformer. The solvent. The “salvation” of the condition. That is how powerful your Divine potential really is.

Why are you here? The most important person to really get that, is You. Know that it is impossible for you to get that wrong. You have fierce freedom to play out your life any way you want. There is nothing in your past that you have “done wrong.” You are innocent. You are also pre-approved to engage ANY desires that you want.

Take the time to think about your life. What are the core aspects of who you are? What did you take a fancy to, early in your life? What part(s) of life get you the most excited? What are you most passionate about? Get clear about that, and you will be moving into more alignment with your heart and soul. Your desires ARE the desires of God. God does not show up in 3D form, except THROUGH personifications like You. You are the thing itself. Your life is where you will discover heaven, enlightenment, and joy. And the only day you can ever experience them, is today.

Love You!

To a most magnificent 2017!

Les Jensen


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