God wants to play. Deal the Divine into Your life.

So what would a Divine day look like? Or perhaps where would your life be after a Divine Year? What would “Over the Top” look like for you?

There is a Divine spark located deep within you. And within that Divine spark lies all of the possibilities that ever were. Possibilities that can be tapped into by those who choose to do so. Those who choose to Love. Who choose to Love themselves with such complete and total abandon. Without merit or measure. In other words, to do so unconditionally.

Enter Karma. What the hell? Who let karma into this dialogue? Don’t fret. Don’t worry. The karma has a gift for you. The experience of karma. By choice. By the wisdom of your own soul. Karma as a preferred path. Who the hell would actually intentionally choose Karma. Isn’t karma a bitch?

Imagine that you could create anything with a snap of your fingers. Snap! And an entire universe is born. You want a Castle? Snap! You want a luxury vacation? Snap! Poof, Poof, Poof! You might want to get ear plugs while your life is so snap’ning.

It wouldn’t take much time for everything you create to become meaningless. Trivial. So … old hat. Enter karma. All of that changes. How could you describe the feeling of a homeless mother moving into her own home? Or the gaze of two lovers getting lost in each others’ eyes? Or perhaps performing before a theater of admirers for the very first time EVER? How does that feel? Feel? God with a big ‘G’ can’t feel it except THROUGH a body. A body? Do you have one of those somewhere? Cool! God is looking for YOU.

You are the face of the Divine. And Love is the fuel. The vessel of creation. And then, perhaps, consider the desire for change. By billions of people on the planet. Billions of desires seeking to be fulfilled. And Love is the modality for it ALL to happen, if someone can come along and Dream it.

The Dream is within you now. Does your ego BELIEVE that your role could be the role of generations? A story that would echo through the halls of our human history? God can’t fix anything until someone dreams it, and then believes it. Your ego will feel so much damn wonderful Joy that the smile on your face won’t wipe off. At least for very long.

Can you get the gist of a very powerful storyline? And that the way it all happens is through the feelings of Love? How much Love can you feel? What is your ego’s experience with Love? Vast, wonderful, powerful Love? Do you see that God will take you as far into it as you dare to go?

You best get acquainted with Love. Strip down to your birthday suit and dive right in! Love. Now. Love again. And then Love some more. Love every one and every thing that you see. And hold on. Once your heart tastes the ecstatic bliss of Love, there will be no other choice possible. Those are the hearts that change the future for all of humanity. Could that be You? How do you wear the Divine within You?

God has shown me a vision, and I’m all in. What’s your Divine idea of your life? Do that!

Love You!



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